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Beach Read Review: Sleeping with Mr. Sexy by S.L. Scott

A Perfect Beach Read!

With summer here, I like to have some reading material to take to the beach, but a whole book is too much for me to get through. There are too many distractions and up and downs with getting into the water, making sand castles, conversation, looking up to watch the male lifeguards do practice drills…you know. But I do like to read something to completion while at the beach so I feel like I got something accomplished and that I wasn’t just a lazy beach bum all day! So, I’ve found the perfect compromise–novellas. Novellas on my eReader? Even better!

If the above describes you during your day at the beach (or pool), then I highly suggest downloading a novella from Amazon to lose yourself in, and I’ve found the first of many perfect bite-sized reads for you!

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It plays out like a full story…or maybe a full episode of your favorite post-college (new adult) nighttime drama? Do you remember that one episode of your favorite serial drama you loved to watch *coughlikeOneTreeHillcough* that told the story in flashbacks to one particular night, slowly unveiling the truth of what happened as the story moved forward in present time? That is exactly how this story unfolds!

Lydia Nichols and Chase Andrews are past college, have a great group of friends, and facing an issue that many young couples face in terms of their careers. Lydia’s job is about to take her from San Francisco to New York City. Chase’s career choice requires him to stay in San Francisco. Right from the start, we realize they plan to make a long-distance relationship work with visits. There’s just one problem. Lydia and Chase aren’t a couple and never have been. They met in college and have since been best friends, never taking that next step. But on the eve of her departure, they take a step that leads to them parting under uncertain terms, both blaming themselves, and neither saying a proper goodbye to each other.

One year later, Lydia’s life seems to have been altered by that last night in San Fran. Still in NYC, her job is working out well, and she’s dating a guy named Mitch. When she gets a text from Chase, she begins to reflect back on the memories of that night they spent together. The memories are told in a sequence of flashbacks throughout the story.

There are subsequent surprises, twists, and realizations with consequences as their lives progress, always intertwined with the memories of that last night before she left.

As the reader, you’re driven to find out everything that went on that night and how things will play out for them. Will they find a way back to each other or have they missed their chance at ever becoming a couple? From the beginning, you will love Mr. Sexy, aka Chase. He’s perfect as a friend–protective and knows Lydia so well that they can have unspoken conversations while out at a bar. With his good looks and strong presence, you just know that he’d be amazing if he was ever more to Lydia than her friend.

This novella is a wonderful introduction to the writing of S.L. Scott! Because I enjoyed this story and the author’s easy breezy writing style so much, I went ahead and ordered her full novel, Naturally, Charlie.

Go ahead and download this, and a few other novellas, to have on hand for your summer reading!

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