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Happy TANGLED Paperback Release Day to Emma Chase!

Our guest reviewer Paige Turner previously reviewed TANGLED here, but we can’t help celebrating again now that it’s been released by Gallery Books, an imprint company of Simon & Schuster.

TANGLED coverSynopsis & Ordering Information Here

ICYMI: teaser trailer by Jenna at THE SUBCLUB books

And I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that the audiobook experience of TANGLED is one of the best I’ve had since falling down the audiobook rabbit hole. For those of you who know how obsessed I am with this format, you know this is saying a lot. I love Sebastian York as a narrator. Many of  you will recognize him from the audiobook versions of other great books (Beautiful Bastard series by Christina Lauren, REMY by Katy Evans, and Perfection series by Abbi Glines). Well, this is Sebastian York at his absolute best. Trust. His delivery/timing of Emma Chase’s wickedly funny words is SO good. You can listen to a sample on Audible here. If you’re new to Audible, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial and receive a credit to use toward an audiobook.

So go pick up a copy of TANGLED with it’s gorgeous new cover and then treat yourself to the audiobook! This is one book that truly lives up to the hype . . . and one book boyfriend that you can’t help but fall in love with. #TeamDrew

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Review of Tangled by Emma Chase

Looking for a wild romp with no strings attached this summer?

Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Andrew Evans – Drew to those of us in his bed circle.

Drew is a successful investment banker, über-wealthy playboy, comes from the right family, has the right friends, is “devastatingly handsome,” driven, competitive, and probably a New York Post page 6 sweetheart. He also has an abundance of charm and swagger. Drew Evans has it all, including the cheeky grin. And he doesn’t mind sharing it…for just one night. That’s it. One night. One ride per customer. He does a lot of things, as in blondes, brunettes, and redheads. Drew even does twins, but one thing he does not do is relationships.

Before you start to judge, just give me a few moments. Let me tell you a little about how I found Drew when I first met him. The description above – the described self-assured, over-the-top sexy guy – that was not the Drew I first met. In fact, when I first saw Drew, he was a completely different man.

You know that saying “a shadow of his former self”? Well, when I first met Drew Evans, he was even less than a shadow of his former self. It was horrible. Drew Evans had . . .

The Flu.

And so began this entertaining romp through the mind and heart of Drew Evans. Told from Drew’s perspective, Tangled takes the reader through a well-practiced playboy’s journey from “Wham-bam Thank You Ma’am!” to The Dark Side, aka love.

He could have been a turnoff when one considers they are reading this story from the perspective of a…well…he’s basically a…hmmm…let’s just say that he gets around. But from the opening paragraph to the very last word, Drew’s honesty with himself, and the reader, about who he is and how he operates, adds a certain redeeming, and dare I say endearing, quality to his character. Drew’s inner monologues offer witty quips, strange insights into the male psyche, and even some useful tips, such as:

  • Go commando or NO?
  • Eat the salad or the club sandwich?
  • Pet names from the new guy…good or bad?
  • The front clasp bra…a gift from God or the spawn of the Devil?

He also answers some burning questions his audience might have always wanted to know. Questions like:

  • What happens when you put a frog in boiling water?
  • Can you put two pregnant hamsters in the same cage?
  • If you ever happen upon a Momma bear and her cubs, what should you do?
  • What’s a NILF?
  • What is CPS?
  • Which Disney Princess is the favorite among men?
  • When is the most important game in a rookie pitcher’s career?

The answers to these questions are not just entertaining, they are life lessons. These lessons all add to the telling of Drew’s fall into The Dark Side. It’s a slow slide for Drew, one he didn’t see coming when he wasn’t looking for it. From the moment he sees me Kate, he really is kind of well on his way.

With Tangled, Emma Chase brings us a wonderful story of love told from the male perspective…the simple, no holds barred, no games, “Braveheart” quoting, Will Ferrell movie loving, guy’s point of view. And this guy has absolutely no desire, nor inclination, to actually fall into that love trap.

The dialogue is laugh-out-loud funny. (Thanksgiving dinner: “I’m hit, I’m hit!” That’s all I’m gonna say.) You will not be able to put this book down! (I read it in less than 24 hours) It’s full of smiles, color, and life.

Drew Evans is, by far, my favorite book boyfriend. I know what he’s like…and I’d do him anyway 🙂

Do yourself a favor and pick this one up as soon as possible. I can’t think of a better thing to do this summer than get Tangled up with Drew Evans.

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You know, when I finished this story, I felt that familiar pang of loss, like saying goodbye. I turned out the lights, snuggled down into bed, and closed my eyes. Suddenly, I felt a small smile start to tug at the corners of my mouth, a smile that grew. I honestly couldn’t control it. I shook my head slowly as Drew-isms floated through my mind and my shoulders started to shake with quiet laughter.

As a reader, I sort of like to fall in love with my guys in the books I read. But for the first time, my guy turned out to be more than a book boyfriend – he was also a friend. As Drew would say, “I can’t imagine anything fucking better than that.”

Brilliant. BUY IT!

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Allow us to introduce you to a “Beautiful Stranger”

Join us for a cup of coffee with contributing chick, Paige Turner. *whispers* If you want to lace your coffee with something stronger, we won’t tell 😉

“Beautiful Stranger”

Beautiful Stranger post


Have you ever felt like there is a secret person inside of you just waiting to be unleashed? Someone the public doesn’t get to see? Someone your family and friends might not believe you could be? Does fear and uncertainty of what perceptions others might have of you keep you from actually exploring that side of yourself? 

But what if? What if we could find that one person who we could show that secret to? For just one night, we could be . . . unleashed. Completely and totally. No inhibitions. No fear. Just fun. No names. No numbers. Just one night. Two people. No judgment.

If given the opportunity, would you take it?

Welcome to the world of “Beautiful Stranger.”

For the past few years, Sara Dillon has lived a sort of lie. She believed she was in love with a man who used her family name and reputation and cheated on her . . . publicly and repeatedly. She has finally woken up and taken control of her life. She is moving to New York to start over: new home, new job, new life, new Sara . . . and NO RELATIONSHIPS! She is swearing off men (a valiant effort most of us have made the mistake of doing at least once in our lives). This time in her life is going to be just for her. She wants to discover herself, be young, and have fun. And she most definitely doesn’t want to tie herself to another man.

As the story opens, Sara sets out to do just that. She is getting ready to hit the Big Apple with her two best gal pals, Julia and Chloe (from Beautiful Bastard) for a girl’s night out to celebrate Chloe’s engagement. And her plan is working out perfectly . . . so perfectly that she doesn’t even see the beautiful stranger coming her way until he is standing beside her at a crowded bar, as she is being ignored by the bartender.

She hasn’t noticed the very tall, very sexy, very smiling, VERY British beautiful stranger who has been watching her all night. And after a rather cheeky conversation filled with innuendo, and a blatant offer to go home with him, Sara leaves the beautiful stranger to return to her friends.

And so our story begins . . .

Max Stella – a successful and charming playboy and a beautiful stranger

Sara Dillon – the smart and responsible ‘good girl’ ready to let loose

“Beautiful Stranger” is the second book in what is now being called the “Beautiful Bastard” series. I read “Beautiful Bastard” and loved it. However, I think I loved this story even more. Sara and Max meet and agree to enter into a ‘relationship’ of sorts following her rules . . . the most important being “No strings attached. Strictly sex.”

Sara tells him she expects nothing from him and, in fact, only allows him to see her one evening a week . . . where they meet in a public place to live a little bit dangerously and try not to get caught in the act.

This kind of arrangement might sound crazy, a little bit scary even, to some but that’s where the story gets interesting for me.

There is such a large amount of trust that goes into a relationship like this. It’s funny to me that Sara thinks she is in control of the relationship by not expecting anything from it, when, from the first moment, she is placing a tremendous amount of trust in Max.

This really is a beautiful story. Not only does it touch on the sexual relationship between Sara and Max (which is pretty hot and very, very sexy), it touches on ‘real life’ elements . . . healing a broken heart, forgiving yourself for your own mistakes, accepting what you want/need from a relationship, and learning to know the difference between loving someone and being in love with the right someone.

What if it could be just for one night? Pick up “Beautiful Stranger” and lose yourself in the possibility. You won’t regret it. It’s a real . . .

-Paige Turner

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Chirps from the the Co-Admin Chicks . . .

It was recently announced by The Hollywood Reporter that the authors of “Beautiful Bastard” and “Beautiful Stranger” (Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings – writing as Christina Lauren) inked a five-book deal with Simon & Schuster imprint Gallery Books. To read an exclusive interview about what the five books will be, go here.

To keep tabs on the “Beautiful Bastard” series, check out these social media links.

Websites: Christina Lauren Books, Beautiful Bastard Film Fansite

Twitter: Christina Hobbs, Lauren Billings, Beautiful Bastard, BB Film Fans

Facebook: Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Bastard Film Fans

Purchasing options for the books/audiobooks are available on the authors’ website.

And last, but not least, two wings up for Paige and her review of “Beautiful Stranger.”

kitt & Lisa (17FL)

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