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Creating a Scene at The 8th Circle

There are role players and then there are role players. The role players inspired by Tiffany Reisz’s epic The Original Sinners series raised the bar higher…and then sent glasses and bottles crashing to the floor when they swiped it clear to fuck on.


Welcome to the deliciously naughty world of the Original Sinners RP Twitter account.


8th Circle

Q&A With Tiffany Reisz

F2F: How involved are you with approving the people who run the RP characters?

TR: A wonderful woman who will remain nameless runs the RP group. She’s the Admin and handles everything. I do nothing at all but play around with my Sinners. (A/N: Thank you Admin!)

F2F: Do you have any creative control over what they tweet?

TR: Not really. My RPers are obsessed with accuracy so they often email or DM me to discuss plotlines or character traits. Otherwise I tell them to follow their bliss since the RPing is not canon.

F2F: There is no RP account for Søren. Was that your decision? Sacred ground so to speak?

TR: That was my one rule—no RP account for Søren. Come on, can you really see Søren tweeting?

F2F: As you know, I fell hard for Griffin and Mick in The Angel. Having them in my/our Twitter timeline (yes, I follow them on multiple accounts–don’t judge) is like getting to read an outtake every day. Have any of the RP character “scenes” made it into one of your books? (A/N: May or may not be thinking about Griffin and Mick in a hammock while typing this question. *nods*)

TR: Cassie is not one of my book characters but she was created for the RP group. So she made it into one of The Mistress Files. You’ll just have to keep reading to see if any other stories do…

F2F: While you have the floor, is there anything you’d like to say to the Original Sinners RP team?

TR: Keep up the good work, Sinners!

If you haven’t read The Angel yet *gasp,* you may want to check your wings here…


We promised you in our previous post (here) that today’s post would feature two very special guests. If you haven’t guessed already, the guests are two boys who are very close to my heart. Don’t get me wrong! I love all of the characters in Tiffany’s books; but in all honesty, I started the series for the sole purpose of getting to The Angel. I’m sure Griffin can relate to that. *Fiske bump* (A/N: Totally need a t-shirt with that on it.)


Welcome to the deliciously naughty world of m/m romance.

I’m sure I speak for most readers when I say that it’s difficult to say goodbye to characters you fall in love with on the page. You hope like hell the author will write a sequel and/or outtakes so that you can lose yourself in their world again. (A/N: Tiffany spoils us by offering free stories [here] and novellas/short stories [here].) That’s how it was for me with Griffin and Michael (Mick). Their story was everything I had hoped it would be and more, and I missed them the second I finished listening to The Angel. #audiobookaddict

I will never forget this defining moment…

Griffin and Mick

When I discovered Tiffany had approved a Twitter role-play account, I started checking out the tweets from Griffin and Mick. Remember when I said a reader hopes for an outtake?


Welcome to the deliciously naughty world of Griffin Fiske and Michael (Mick) Dimir.






F2F: Welcome, boys! Why don’t we start off with a visual for readers. What are each of you wearing? (A/N: If Griffin says a kilt, I’ll need a moment. js)

G: Right now? Mick. That’s about it. ::laughs:: What more would a man need?

M: *checks out how fuckhot G is and grins* Right now I’m wearing a pair of cargo shorts and a wife-beater/tank. Mom, Tiffany Reisz, calls it my artist outfit. It’s what I usually wear when we’re hanging out around the house. Unless we’re in the hammock I just recently had delivered to the house as a surprise… then, well, not much in the way of clothing is required for hanging out in the hammock. (A/N: So glad you put it to good use today btw.)

F2F: Griffin, when I first talked to you about doing a Q&A, your response was “Let me talk to Mick, and I’ll get back to you. We’re always up for promoting Tiffany’s work.” (A/N: Makes you melt even more that he checked with Mick first, right?) How long have you been promoting her via Twitter, and what made you want to do that in the first place?

G: ::laughs:: We’re a partnership. Always confer with your partner especially in a D/s relationship. Since what, October of last year? Something like that. Time flies when you’re feeling up your sub, what can I say? We’re both fans first and foremost, so getting the chance to play in Tiffany’s version of Wonderland is awesome.

M: *wraps my arms around G* I’m very fortunate to have a partner who makes sure I’m on board with everything we do. And ditto about being lucky to play in Tiffany’s OS World every day. She’s an incredible and benevolent creator. Aka: Mom. Kind of like Zeus when Athena popped out of his head. Tiffany squeezed all of us out of her head, so I tease her that we’re her honorary children. She’s just way more fuckhot than Zeus. Way more fuckhot.

F2F: How many hours on average would you say you spend on Twitter each day?

G: It really depends on RL schedules. Sometimes just a few minutes, sometimes hours depending on if we’re scening or watching the rest of the groups’ interactions and scenes. The Underground is full of some sexy funny people who it’s an honor to get to play with every day.

M: It also depends on whether technology is being a friend or foe that day (we all know that twitter and some of its apps aren’t the nicest to play with some days), whether we can both be on or just one of us can be on (studying really does eat up a lot of my time), or whether we just want to pop on and hangout to play music (I’m a sucker for playing twitter DJ) or check in with friends.

F2F: Do you try and plan your day out for followers or is it more spontaneous?

G: For us? It’s pretty spontaneous. For other players in the group you’d have to ask them.

M: Completely spontaneous. I don’t think we could do it any other way. It’s what works for us and what makes being with him, for me, new and fun and exciting every day we’re on the TL.

F2F: As I mentioned earlier, following your TL is like getting an outtake every day. It has definitely taken on a form of writing. Do you ever find yourself cock blocked…er…with writer’s block?

G: ::laughs:: Maybe time blocked is the word for it. Never cock blocked. ::leers at Mick:: Have you seen him? I mean, seriously. He’s beautiful. Coming up with ways to make him blush is my favorite past time.

M: *sighs & blushes deep red* Seriously, Sir? Do we have to go there every time? *shakes my head* Being with him is being granted perpetual inspiration. You mentioned the kilt above. You know what I’m talking about, right? So I don’t think I’ve ever experienced “writer’s block” with him. Now twitter, on the other hand, is an excellent cock blocker. But that’s a whole different topic….

F2F: You’re both very good at responding to followers’ tweets. Was being interactive with followers always a goal or something that evolved when you found yourself with your own fan base? *points at self*

G: For me it’s more of something that evolved. It’s fun to talk to followers on a daily basis and represent Tiffany’s characters.

M: *slides closer to G* For me? Definitely something that evolved and definitely something that is still evolving. I look at him sometimes and I’m in awe of how much of a natural he is with the followers and other RPers. Me? Not so much. I’m more introverted and tend to agonize over what to say. We have some followers who have been with us for a long time and those are the easiest for me to chat with. I’m still working on being as suave and sexy as my Master over here. (A/N: I, for one, love you just the way you are.)

F2F: Since you have the floor (and the hammock and the dungeon and the…I digress), is there anything you’d like to say to the little sinners that follow you? To your writer lady/mom?

G: Thank you to the little sinners who follow our group for supporting Tiffany and her creations. She writes beautifully sexy, hilariously, sometimes heartbreaking words that really everyone should read. At least once. Maybe twice after lunch. ::grins:: To our writer lady: A very simple thank you. It’s an honor to know you’re an awesome person, both the author self and personally.

M: To our followers? Just wow and thank you. We do what we do because we love Tiffany and her words. To follow us on the TL is a nod that we’re doing something right for her. To Tiffany? Thanks Mom for always being so authentic and supportive. I’m so fortunate that I get to share a tiny part in your beloved world and get to play in your OS playground every day.

F2F: Griffin, can you please cover Mick’s ears? *waits* Ok. Griff, is there anything you’d like to say to Mick about the time you spend together on Twitter?

G: ::laughs and covers Mick’s ears:: Sensory deprivation, huh? That’s some kinky shit. ::clears throat:: No, seriously. Getting the chance to spend time with Mick on Twitter is the best part of my day. Doing RP with someone is like having a relationship. You get to know all their idiosyncrasies and things that make them laugh and try to be the very best version of Tiffany’s characters.

F2F: You can uncover his ears, Griff. Thanks. Mick, can you please cover Griff’s ears now? (A/N: Getting Griffin and Mick to switch is an ongoing fantasy of mine. jsyk) Mick, is there anything you’d like to say to Griffin about the time you spend together on Twitter?

*smiles and kisses G under the jaw* Actually, I’d rather keep his ears uncovered and let him hear my answer. I kept some things from him a few months ago and that was a big issue between us. I promised not to do it again and I try really hard to keep my promises to him. I tell him this all the time but I’m not sure he believes me. When he found me all those many, many months ago, he saved me. Literally. Each and every second we spend on (and off) the TL is a gift – whether it’s just to pop on and say hi, or to hang out for the day and scene. He keeps me sane and laughing, and my life is infinitely better because he’s in it.

F2F: Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and for investing in the time it takes to keep this love story alive online. I’m happy we have a forum to let you know that your familiar banter provides a brief escape from the daily grind. Speaking of the daily grind… Now that the Q&A is over, what do you two have planned for the rest of the day? (A/N: Yep. Welcome to the deliciously naughty world of shameless requests. #boyskissingftw)

G: ::laughs and points to our bed:: You’re looking at it. Bed. Preferably on, in, around or behind Mick. My favorite place to be.

M: *points to the hammock and grins wickedly* I’m pretty sure I’ll beg for us to crawl back into the hammock after we attempt to break the bed. And btw? #boykissing is one of our favorite ways to spend the day. jsyk

F2F: Mick, I’m going to let you sign us off in your signature way…

M: Thanks for having us today. And to all the Sinners out there – Keep reading Tiffany Reisz’s awesome words and spread the love by telling your friends and their friends…. Have a great week, stay safe and be good to each other. *crawls into G’s lap and reaches over to slam the Fics2Flicks door shut so I can go back to ravaging my Dom*

Remember when I said every day with them on Twitter is like an outtake? Looks like Mick got his wish. Excerpt from today’s TL…

@Master_Griffin *grins against your lips* Maybe I can compel you to do other things today Sir?

@mick8thCir ::snickers and nips your lip:: Like what? Enlighten me, sub.

@Master_Griffin *wraps my arms around you* Well, since we’re back from Fiji, I thought we could relive our vacation by hanging out in (c)

Mick Dimir ‏@mick8thCir4h

@Master_Griffin (c) the hammock, Sir. JS.

@mick8thCir ::kisses your neck:: If the hammock is a rockin’….

@Master_Griffin *moans and grabs your hand to drag you off to the hammock* … don’t come a knockin’…

@mick8thCir ::grins as you pull me along, admiring your ass:: I do love my eager sub.

@Master_Griffin *laughs when I look back and catch you ogling my ass* I do love my ever indulging Dom.

@mick8thCir ::smacks your ass, making you jump:: I’m a very greedy Dom when it comes to you, sub.

@Master_Griffin *rubs my ass with my free hand and tugs you faster to the hammock* Can I just say that I love it when you’re greedy Sir?

@mick8thCir ::grins and nips your shoulder as we move through the house:: For you? Always.

@Master_Griffin *guides you the back patio and slips into the hammock, pulling you on top of me* Much, much better, Sir.

@mick8thCir ::grins playfull and kisses you:: You say that any time I’m on top of you, inside you, under you, behind you….

@Master_Griffin *traces your lips with my tongue as I run my hands up and down your back* All of my favorite places for you to be Sir.

@Master_Griffin *traces your lips with my tongue as I run my hands up and down your back* All of my favorite places for you to be Sir.

@mick8thCir places to be, Mick.

@Master_Griffin *grasps onto the bar and arches my hips under you, moaning softly when you bite and suck across my neck and collarbone*

@mick8thCir ::moans against your neck when you arch underneath me:: Fuck I love our hammock.

@Master_Griffin *spreads my legs to cradle you between them, hissing in a breath when you bite down and mark me above my collar* Best (c)

@Master_Griffin (c) Purchase Ever, Sir.

The fourth, and final, installment to The Original Sinners – The Red Years Quartet debuts tomorrow.


Synopsis and pre-ordering info here.

To celebrate the release of The Mistress, we’ll be hosting TWO GIVEAWAYS.

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