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Sometimes What Happens in Vegas, Deserves a Chance to Bloom in Paris: A Review of Sweet, Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren

May you be in the throes of a hot summer romance (novel)!

You’re not? Then may we suggest one for you?


I meant to do this review sooner, like back with the blog tour in May sooner, because I had read the book back then but certain members of my household had other ideas about how I should spend my time. Tea parties. Vacation. Water parks. Puppy training. Swimming. Gardening.

And then I couldn’t quite get my hands on my book. A member of my family decided to commandeer it and challenge me about trying to steal her boy away from her.


Oh Ansel, you sweet, filthy boy…You really are the cat’s meow! Purrrr! 

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Sweet, Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren


One-night stands are supposed to be with someone convenient, or wickedly persuasive, or regrettable. They aren’t supposed to be with someone like him.

But after a crazy Vegas weekend celebrating her college graduation—and terrified of the future path she knows is a cop-out—Mia Holland makes the wildest decision of her life: follow Ansel Guillaume—her sweet, filthy fling—to France for the summer and just…play.

When feelings begin to develop behind the provocative roles they take on, and their temporary masquerade adventures begin to feel real, Mia will have to decide if she belongs in the life she left because it was all wrong, or in the strange new one that seems worlds away.

Spoiler Free Review:

Loved it!!!

I guess it had been awhile since I had read the summary as to what this book was about when I dived in and started reading it  because when I got to the point when Mia had left Las Vegas (where she met Ansel) and suddenly was faced with the choice of leaving for Paris for the summer, I honestly did not know if she would go or not.

Not a spoiler alert: She goes! Wait, that is not the right way to say it. Officially, she makes the choice to accept his offer and escapes to Paris.

My own summer has been pretty great so far, and yet even so, I want to escape to Paris with Ansel for the summer! I have no idea why Mia hesitated.


(We’re going with Ansel as Theo James. Is anyone opposed to this? No? Good!)

In the beginning of the story, we learn that Mia grew up dancing. It’s been her passion in life wanting to dance professionally someday, but she has gotten a bit derailed from dancing, and she’s at the point where everyone around her age is making choices about what to do — or at least what to do next — with their lives. She knows her parents are expecting her to make big choices about her life, too, which is something that is weighing heavy on her mind.

With her two best girlfriends, she heads to Las Vegas for a girls’ weekend. Three best girlfriends end up meeting 3 best guy friends, but they’re in Vegas, and despite what they say, there are a few things that can be done in Vegas that don’t have stay in Vegas, like getting married, which Mia does.

But let’s back up and talk about something this book does so well, something I like to call, the bait and pitch. 

The bait–It’s that first encounter between a potential couple. The girls are in a bar, and as Mia’s eyes scan the room, she meets the eyes of Ansel. Eye contact across the room turns into two strangers mouthing the word “hi” to each other.

and–Despite Mia describing her insides as melting at the site of Ansel as a first impression, the two don’t  find their way to one another. Mia and her friends have since left the bar, and as a reader, the anticipation is building for the pitch, the point in which these two will find each other again. Will they bump into each other? Will one seek the other out? Will they happen to ride the same elevator together? We don’t know yet. We do know it’s Vegas and anything can bring these two together and at this point, we are dying for them to meet!

pitch–After a night of dancing and having fun, the girls are back in their room, only Mia can’t seem to sleep. This is when the encounter happens! I’m not going to ruin it for you if you haven’t read it yet. I’m just going to reassure you that these two “officially meeting” happens quickly. Oh, and Ansel is shirtless.


(Oh G-d, the name of that tumblr acct! *I die*)

It’s a pretty fun & fabulous bait and pitch in this story!! I was hooked and ready for more Mia and Ansel!

After a one-night stand, they’re married in Vegas with Ansel offering Mia to come back to Paris with him to live there for the summer, which as I stated earlier, she goes!  She just got married on a drunk whim, and was supposed to just get an annulment. And yet going to Paris means delaying having to make any real-life decisions for a bit. (Decisions that she has to give a lot of thought to, while she isn’t drunk, that is.) Going means she can escape her fractured world. Going she can go be just Mia without the attachment of her past expectations of what her life would or should look like at this point.

Once in Paris, Mia can’t help but feel a bit out of place and  somewhat guilty, as her new “let’s give it a go” groom must go to work every day while she is left on her own to do as she chooses. Inspired by her ability to pretend while on stage dancing, she ends up choosing to do pretend in order to better get to know her new husband. Ironically, pretending is what eventually helps Mia figure out what she is capable of doing, both in a relationship and for a career.  There are a few bumps along the way, that Mia has to learn and grow from too. It’s a very satisfying end to a fun story! You’ll understand Mia’s yearning to run away and you’ll fall for Ansel. He’s self-assured, but doesn’t take everything so seriously. He’s risky but sweet and playful. He’s hot and sensual. Most of all, he’s willing to fall in love with a girl he laid eyes on across a crowded room, and that’s always sexy!

It’s still summer, and YOU deserve a quick escape to Paris for the summer in the form of this fun, light, and wonderful summer read! Get in on it now because it is the first in a new series called Wild Seasons by Christina Lauren! Their next book, Dirty Rowdy Thing is due out November 4th and will tell the story of Mia’s friend, Harlow, and her hook-up with Ansel’s friend, Finn, from the same Vegas trip. I can’t wait to see how that all played out and have the chance to revisit with Mia and Ansel.

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Here’s the girls! Thanks for another great book Christina and Lo! The writing style of these two girls is well-defined by this 4th book, and there’s no telling where the collaborative efforts start and stop. Possibly they’re sharing a brain now (in addition to shoes!). We are looking forward to the continuation of Wild Seasons not to mention an upcoming opportunity to meet Max Stella’s little brother. 😉 For more great information on all of their books, check out

Sign up for their site so you can read an exclusive Outtake of Will and Hanna from Beautiful Player. You can read our previous review of Beautiful Player and interview with Christina Lauren, here.

Thanks as always to Nina Bocci & Kristen Dwyer for reaching out to us!

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In celebration of the release of the new novella in their Beautiful Bastard series, Beautiful Bombshell, we had a chance to interview the authors, Christina and Lo, who make up the writing team known as Christina Lauren. Our topic is very central to their popular book series and the upcoming movie adaptation of Beautiful Bastard.

This was such a fun interview, and we hope you’ll enjoy!

Q&A with Christina Lauren…Let’s talk about sex, baby! 

kitt Q: Risk is a huge part of the sexual encounters between Chloe and Bennett in Beautiful Bastard. Which encounter do you think was the most risque?

CL: They’re such idiots at the beginning, and that’s by design. These are people who would normally not do anything so crazy. It’s the dynamic between them that makes them do all of these really risky things.

In terms of potential to get caught, probably the stairwell scene when they were at work. Can you even imagine? Someone could have easily found them, and there is literally nowhere to hide. But in terms of risky emotionally (as in, intimate before they’re ready for it), definitely the car chapter. In that one, they’re not only in a confined space physically, but they have some bare emotional moments, too, and at that point it’s still pretty scary territory.

kitt Q: Sometimes the location of the sex is the most unique part of the encounter. The last ‘sex in a dressing room’ scene I saw in a movie was in The Sweetest Thing, and it was meant to be comical. The scene in the dressing room of La Perla is so specific to the story that I hope it makes it into the movie!

CL: We’ve definitely had the conversation with Constantin about what needs to stay in the movie adaptation. I think we’re all pretty much on the same page about what scenes are iconic to the story. They’re really in tune with these characters and their shenanigans. (A/N: We think that means we’re getting that hot dressing room scene!)

Lisa Q: There is just something to be said about firsts, which is why I have a soft spot (wet spot?) for floor-to-ceiling windows in a particular conference room. Needless to say, I’m hoping that it’s the first time we, and the fine folks of Chicago, get to watch Chloe and Bennett having sex on the big screen.

CL: Again, this has definitely been discussed. We can’t imagine an iteration of this book-to-movie that doesn’t have the conference room . . . (A/N: sweet spot)

kitt & Lisa Q: Which encounter do you think has the potential to be the hottest scene in the film adaptation of Beautiful Bastard?

From what we’ve heard, every scene is pretty stunning. We really can’t wait to share how Stephanie (Sanditz, the screenwriter) has lassoed this crazy book into a screenplay. But the conference room has a lot of potential, honestly. The story really starts out with a bang (ha!) and sets the tone for the entire book/movie.

kitt & Lisa Q: What unique places do we have to look forward to in Beautiful Bombshell?

Beautiful Bombshell takes place in Las Vegas during Bennett’s bachelor party weekend, so the boys visit some of our favorite locations. And just like Red Moon in Stranger, Black Heart—the club they visit in the opening chapter of Bombshell—is a creation of our very own.

kitt Q: Wow, this totally shows my age, but for me, Patrick Swayze had memorable onscreen sex scenes from the dancing in Dirty Dancing, to the pottery making in Ghost, to the stone fireplace in Road House.

CL: And it’s definitely true that BASTARD has a great chance to have some of those iconic locations as well. Truly, in some ways we think it will make an even better film than book. High fives on the Dirty Dancing shout out too. I swear I wore out my videotape of that one. (Yes, videotape. #old)

kitt Q: Do you guys find that you are a fan of one particular actor’s love scenes? If so, who?

CL: Honestly we haven’t seen a single actor in more than one role too often. We loved Kit Harington’s cave scene in Game of Thrones with “the Lord’s kiss” – dear god. Max Irons in The White Queen, no matter how short lived . . . the butt thrusting will forever be burned in our memories. The list could go on forever, honestly. Lo will take bare Khal Drogo ass scenes any day of the week. Christina seconds that x’s infinity. Also, the scene with Nicholas Hoult (Skins UK-season 2, episode 6. You know, just off the top of my head) kills me dead every. single. time. You all know what I’m talking about.

Lisa Q: I’m realizing I have a thing for going vertical in onscreen sex scenes: in front of a pair of glass doors in Risky Business, the stone fireplace in Road House, the foyer in The Notebook, the hallway in Remember Me… I’m sure I’ll be adding the aforementioned conference room in Beautiful Bastard to this list in the near future.

CL:  We hope!! We get a little breathless just thinking about it. (A/N: The thought makes our wings all aflutter, too!)

kitt & Lisa Q: What are your absolute favorite love/sex scenes from movies?

Christina: Does any scene get hotter than The Notebook? Also, I can remember watching the sex scene in Legends of the Fall between Brad Pitt and Julia Ormond where she’s gripping the iron rails of the headboard and thinking holeeee cow. (A/N: We agree The Notebook was it’s own brand of hot!)

Lo: It’s funny because even though I write really smutty books, and I like reading smutty books, the movies I love most tend to have more emotional traction than sexual. Like, I’ll watch the Emma Thompson/Hugh Grant scene at the end in Sense and Sensibility a million times and get choked up every time. But for pure hotness in film? Check out Black Snake Moan with Justin Timberlake and Christina Ricci. I don’t love the movie itself but damn that scene is good. I think television has more of my favorite sexy scenes though (Game of Thrones, Skins, etc).

kitt Q: Seeing sex on the big screen isn’t just a visual experience. Music can add to it, too! Unchained Melody being played in Ghost is one of my favorites. What are yours?

Lo: The entire Garden State soundtrack made that movie for me. That’s the one I always remember. I love every single song there. When I think about what I’d like for the BB soundtrack, that’s what I want.  A soundtrack that fits the movie so perfectly, but every song is good enough to stand on its own.

kitt Q: When you envision your favorite sex scene for Beautiful Bastard the movie, does it play out perfectly with music or without—a song or just background music?

Lo:  Oooh, good question. I think music can add to it, but I sort of hope there’s at least one scene where the sounds and their words are the only things the audience hears. It makes it intimate, almost bare, but I think that would be amazing. Christina doesn’t tend to listen to music when she writes, but I do, and while writing BASTARD I listened to a lot of The XX, Tricky, and Animal Collective. I’m not sure how any of those would translate for film, but I’m inclined to say it would be better for writing than the scenes in the actual movie. The music needs to balance sex with energy and fire. My playlist always needs to be something I can loop over and over that lets me get into a certain mindset.

kitt Q: If any current recording artist or band could write a sexy love song for Chloe and Bennett to be used in the movie, who would you like that to be? (My vote would be for Maroon 5!)

Lo: This is a nearly impossible question because if you’re asking for me to pick a band I want to write a song for our book/movie, it’s probably very different than the band that would write the most fitting song for the movie adaptation. Truly, I have no idea, but if I had to combine both desires, I would go back to my grad school loves and have Hooverphonic write something. If that happened, I could die happy. Mad About You is a good one to get the vibe. 😉

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Available today.

Click here to order!!

Synopsis:  When Bennett’s friends steal him away from Chloe for a weekend of shenanigans and strippers in Vegas, their first stop doesn’t exactly go as planned. Their scheme for a guys’ weekend completely derailed, Bennett and Max take every chance they get to rendezvous secretly with the women they love. But when the persistently single Will Sumner catches on, the pair realizes they need to team up with him instead of butting heads if they’re to escape for more sexy Vegas hookups.

Beautiful Bastard’s Chloe Mills and Bennett Ryan are back for one last blazing prewedding hurrah- -but if what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, they might not ever want to leave!

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