Review of Grave Refrain by Sarah Glover

Back on May 30th, Chick Lisa participated in Omnific Publishing‘s Scavenger Hunt and Twitter party and ended up winning the Paranormal Adult Prize Pack on behalf of Fics 2 Flicks. Peep! Peep! This consisted of six novels, which we will be steadily reading and reviewing in the upcoming months. We are extremely grateful to the authors who generously donated their stories to the prize pack!

Our first choice from the group is a book that has a 5-star rating on AmazonGrave Refrain by Sarah M. Glover. This is more than a love ghost story, so don’t let the crossed out word scare you off 😉 This is definitely a love story…a ghostly love story.

Andrew Hayes, a brilliant but troubled musician, has been haunted since childhood by memories of his muse. One night from a San Francisco stage, he spots her, but before he can reach her, she vanishes from sight. Desperate to find the woman, he accepts a curious offer to stay in the city, moving into a dilapidated Victorian undergoing renovations that stir up far more than dust. Andrew’s life soon becomes even more chaotic with the arrival of martini-swilling ghosts and a troupe of flesh-and-blood stoner spiritualists bringing bad tidings from the Great Beyond. The dark side of his obsession creates visions both thrilling and menacing, and as he struggles to solve the mysteries threatening him, Andrew discovers his life is repeating a refrain more deadly than he’d ever imagined. Inspired by the sexy noirs and comedies of the past, Grave Refrain transports the reader to a place where the things that go bump in the night not only thrill you, but might just take your breath away for good.

Andrew Hayes is the lead singer/guitarist/song writer of the band The Lost Boys. He’s been on the road playing gigs with his about-to-breakout-band and, more importantly, searching for his muse. He thinks he’s found her in Emily Thomas, a college student working on her graduate degree in San Francisco. She’s always been unlucky in love and relationships. She sees a musician playing in the park one day and is inexplicably drawn to him.

If this were a normal romance novel, girl would meet boy and then they would spend the rest of the time chasing each other…all in the name of love. However, this is a paranormal romance novel, so you just know this is the beginning of a story that will tangle you up in its web with every turn of the page.

The pair are visited in their home (yes, they live in the same building) by two spirits who were lovers in the past – Nick and Nora. These two ghostly lovers are destined to never be in the same place at the same time. Emily feels it’s up to her to help them, and begs Andrew to help, too. His bandmates, Simon and Christian, and her roommates, Margot and Zoey, are also enlisted to help.

As the characters follow clues, hold seances, and discover deep familial secrets, your original thoughts about where the story was headed will be turned completely upside down. I found myself yelling at the pages and reading more and more to find a fix to the predicament or to find out if it could be fixed.

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The sign of a good book? When it ends and you’re desperate for more. Sarah M. Glover wrote a good book. While the story is complete and whole, I fell for the well-developed characters and immediately found myself hoping for a sequel. I highly recommend Grave Refrain…intense moments and all.

DJ (aqua)