From fics to flicks, everything has led up to this…

We’re just some chicks who love a good story. Our reading material includes books (hard covers, paperbacks, pdfs, e-books, and audible versions), various genres of fanfiction, blogs/websites, and even movie scripts when we can get our hands on them. Our movie preferences are vast but sometimes selective, depending on the actors involved and/or if the movie is based on something we’ve read.

All of these worlds have collided now that many of the stories we once read as fanfiction have crossed over into mainstream publishing. A few have even been optioned into movies. Will there be more stories taking this route? We hope so!

Along the way, we’ve gotten to know some of the authors . . . wonderful people who were inspired enough to develop and share their terrific stories with us. Now that our fanfiction bubble has been popped, we’re discovering exciting original fics. As we get to more stories on our growing TBR list and find out more about the authors, we’ll update our lists.

We’re looking forward to following our favorite authors, old and new, on their journey from print to screen and everywhere in between!

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