Transcendence by Shay Savage, Release Day & Review

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Though still a relatively new published author, Shay has certainly hit the ground running and has increasingly gained fans of her stories! Back to support one of their favorite authors are super fan-chicks Lauren and Kassie, with their review of Shay’s latest book!

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**Minor Spoilers only*

Opening a new book and finding that you cannot understand the things one character is saying and the other is speaking almost entirely in descriptors might seem like it would be frustrating.  In fact, when we originally read the description of Transcendence, our thoughts were along the lines of  “A caveman?  Really??”

But, in only the way that a Shay Savage story can, it works. Behind the early miscommunication between our two main characters, Ehd and Elizabeth, is a story about learning, friendship, and ultimately, love.  Ehd is the image that pops into your head when you hear the term “caveman.”  He wears furs, hunts and gathers, lives in a cave, and at the beginning of the story, is sadly all alone and barely surviving.

Elizabeth, or Beh, as Ehd would come to call her, shows up, literally just appears out of nowhere, at the perfect time to give Ehd something and someone new to focus on. His life had been all about solitude and surviving alone.  When Ehd finds Beh in his pit trap, even more of those quintessential caveman qualities shine through, especially as he literally picks her up and hauls her back to his cave.  However, his main purpose in life shifts to caring and providing for Beh…whether she likes it or not.  Yes, he’s a caveman, but he wants what is best for his new mate.

Ehd wants to provide Beh with all the things a male wants to provide for his woman. A large cave, a supply of food stores for winter, furs to battle the harsh elements, and a baby. Does he ever want to put a baby in her!  He’s really not so different than those men that we all know.

Because of the lack of communication between Ehd and Beh, she doesn’t understand why he is doing many things –like showing off the rabbits he’s killed, the supplies he has gathered, or the fire he’s made. Ehd is confused as to why Beh isn’t impressed, and seemingly disinterested, in anything he would like to show her. He’s  even more confused when she won’t let him watch her do simple tasks, like relieving herself in the ravine.

It takes a long while before the two are able to communicate effectively enough to work together for their combined benefit.  Beh teaches Ehd how to bathe and clean his teeth.  Ehd shows Beh where they can collect grains and vegetables.  Working together, they are able to set themselves up well in order to survive the winter successfully with food and furs.

As their ability to work together progresses, the two are able to truly learn from each other.  Beh shows Ehd how to make items out of clay, and they fashion a large wheelbarrow like transportation device for hauling large quantities of food and wood back to their cave. She also teaches him a few words, even though her words’ sounds give Ehd headaches regularly. Ehd demonstrates to Beh how to weave mats out of reeds, although she fails at the task her first few tries. He tries to show her how to wear furs, instead of the strange clothing (and underclothes) she insists on wearing.

An ability to work together is not the only progression between Ehd and Beh.  Despite her resistance in the beginning, Ehd’s attentiveness and ability to provide for Beh makes her feelings for him grow, even if Ehd has considered them mates since the moment he literally found her.  Their love story truly defies the odds and shows that love can conquer any obstacle – even the biggest language barrier possible.

It wouldn’t be a true Shay Savage story without some twists and turns, and on that front, Transcendence does not disappoint. Just when you think you’ve figured it all out, the biggest curveball of them all hits you, right in the heart. Without giving anything away, we’ll just say that you definitely will not see the end coming.

It also wouldn’t be a true Shay Savage story without some steamy and sexy times.  Watching Ehd discover exactly how one puts a baby into his mate, and all the other fun things you can do that also feel oh-so-good, is both hilarious and heartwarming.  You can feel their love developing as well as Ehd’s caveman tendencies to have his way with Beh no matter when or where.  Beh, seeming to come from a time more advanced than Ehd, shows him ways they can come together that aren’t the standard norm for making a baby.  His reactions to learning new ways to experience each other are both fascinating and funny.  A favorite is definitely when Beh is introducing Ehd to the…joys…of oral sex and his first thought is “Beh has my penis in her mouth.  In her mouth!  I can’t put a baby in there!”  Lines like this are classic Shay Savage wit and will have you laughing out loud throughout the story.

This is not a cookie-cutter story.  We can honestly say that we have never read another romantic story about a caveman and a woman seemingly from the future, with her strange clothes and word-sounds.  There are twists that you do not see coming, and when you think you have it all figured out, you don’t.  However, like Shay’s other stories, somehow, her style of crazy works and you find yourself falling for a caveman with a scraggly beard, who wears only furs, and hunts antelope with a spear.  You will love Ehd, you will love their relationship, and overall, you will absolutely “luff” this entire story!

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