Happy Release Day to Qwen Salsbury: The Plan

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Events today:  Sochi Olympics, PTA Meeting, Release Day for The Plan

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Omnific Publishing brings us a new contemporary romance novel that we are already big fans of! Forget the heart-shaped box full of chocolates, those who have not read this story yet are in for a sexy, exhilarating & lighthearted treat–just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Happy Release Day!  


For the last year, Emma has watched from the cubicles as powerful executive Alaric Canon (with his own office complete with often-closed door) steamrolls through personal assistants–each of them failing to measure up to his impossible standards. Thank goodness she doesn’t have to work for him, but it couldn’t hurt to at least be a blip on his radar. They’ve never spoken. Never met. Never acknowledged that they work for the same corporation. With his piercing eyes and the way that his suits fit his body, Emma decides she needs a plan to get noticed by the temperamental Mr. Canon. When her boss drafts Emma to personally assist Canon in preparing for an important upcoming merger, however, the plan goes awry and she is definitely noticed…just not exactly how she had hoped.
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On February 17th, we’ll be participating in a Blog Tour for The Plan hosted by the folks at A Tale of Many Reviews with an excerpt from the book and our review, so please plan on joining us again next week and, of course, purchasing the book! It will be available for Kindle soon!


Wishing Ms. Salsbury Congratulations on publishing her book and much success with it and with her future writing endeavors!

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