Meet Otherwise Unharmed Cover Model The Savage Trainer


As promised in their review post here, Kassie and Lauren are back with a very special guest!

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Many readers, ourselves included, have enjoyed staring at the cover models on many of our favorite books, but we don’t normally get the chance to interact with them on a personal level, so this is a treat! The man posing on the cover of Otherwise Unharmed, by Shay Savage…The Savage Trainer (aka TST)…was gracious enough to sit down and answer some questions for us. We hope to have compiled a list of questions (with the help of some fabulous ladies and friends) that you, as readers, were dying to know the answers to.

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1. What is it like to be the face…errr, body…of Evan Arden?

Amazing. Such a great opportunity and I love working with Shay! I enjoy taking the pictures as well as interacting with the fans. Being the face/body of a bad ass hit man with a high level of sex appeal is an honor and I truly appreciate the positive feedback.

Trainer 1

2. Besides being the physical model for Evan Arden, do you have any character traits that mirror him?

Many in fact. I’ll start with being an ass man! I can’t deny that fact one bit. I was also in the military. Combat Medic in the Army. When it comes to marksmanship, I have a one shot-one kill method and always take care of my equipment. I definitely love my dogs! My dogs are my favorite buds to come home to and play with. Evan and I both have a dark side that is better left alone and kept to ourselves.

Trainer 3

3. When Shay first told you about her writing, were you surprised to find out about the erotic nature of the stories?

I was at first, but then the more I got to know her, I wouldn’t expect anything less! Never a dull moment or story when she’s around!

4. I assume that you never expected to become so immersed in Shay’s world.  Do you go easier on her during workouts now?

HELL NO! I train her to make progress and keep moving forward with her goals. I know when to take it easy on her, but for the most part I kick her ass with fun workouts such as “Mother Fucker Mondays,” “Wicked Wednesdays,” “What the Fuck Wednesdays,” ” Too tired to smack me,” and “Lunge me to Death” 🙂

5. We all know that you met Shay because you’re her trainer, but how did you get into personal training? Has fitness always been important to you?

I got into personal training in high school actually. I earned my first certification at 18 and loved it ever since.  Fitness became super important to me around the age of 15. I just have a passion to share my knowledge and help push other people to reach their goals.

6. Now that you’re on Twitter as The Savage_trainer (@savage_trainer), has it changed your perspective on women at all?

Not at all! My mother and 3 older sisters are all into the “Fifty Shades of Grey” series and now they’re into the “Otherwise” series, so I understand women have their needs just as men do. Men and women just do it in different ways. We’re all sexual savages at heart, it’s just how comfortable we are with sharing it that determines how Savage we are.

7. What made you decide to join Twitter as TST in the first place? The idea that all of these readers were clamoring for your pictures and posts didn’t scare you off?

Shay uses such great imagery in her writing, I almost didn’t have to make a Twitter! However I loved the idea of releasing my sexual Savage and being a tease as well. I love being able to satisfy women with their sexual needs or desires so this just allowed me to expand on that. To be honest there’s not much that scares me in life, I just saw this as another great opportunity.

8. Are we all as crazy as I feel like we are when we go nuts over your pictures?

Not at all! I love the positive feedback and comments. It allows me to continue my desire to post more pleasure pics for everyone.

9. Have you ever done any other “official” modeling?

Unfortunately no. This was my first big opportunity and I love every minute of it. I would like to continue with modeling though whenever more opportunities approach.

10. Was it a different experience taking the photos for the cover than it is sharing pictures through Twitter? What kind of “headspace” did you need to be in to pose as this character?

Taking the cover pics was a little more difficult. The fact that one of the pics was going to end up on a book was crazy and I wanted to make sure they turned out great! Twitter sharing is fun and playful, I enjoy doing that. As far as headspace, working with Shay made everything so easy! she gave great guidance and made being “Evan Arden” one hell of an experience.

Trainer 2

11. How did you prepare for the shoot? Did you and Shay discuss the character or any other aspects of the story to help you to be ready?

I trained and ate properly for a few weeks before the shoot so I wouldn’t disappoint Shay. We spoke a lot on the back story of Evan and she painted the perfect character for me to be.

12. You seem fairly comfortable sharing pictures on Twitter. Have you always been comfortable with showing off your body?

Actually no, not until Shay approached me did I open up to the idea. I’m normally a reserved person but I liked the idea of doing something new and rewarding.

13. Would you be interested in recording an audiobook version of this series, if it were ever a possibility?

Indeed! Shay and I will have to discuss that since it is ultimately up to her. (A/N: Yes, please!)

14. How did Shay talk you into posing for the cover?

Wasn’t much “talking into.” She walked up to my desk and just asked me. Haha, no easing in to just put it out there. And without any thought I said yes and haven’t looked back since.

15. What was your favorite part of shooting for the cover?

I’d have to say exploring Chicago and actually being at all the locations that are in the book.

16. Did you have a favorite location that you shot at?

I’d have to say by the prison and only because I got my first experience with a city rat in a trash can.

17. Did you have input into the cover?

There was none needed, Shay sent me a pic of the cover art and I was just blown away.

Now, a little game, if you don’t mind – inquiring minds want to know:

  • Are you single? No, I have an amazing girlfriend who supports everything I do.
  • What’s your sign? Virgo
  • Shoe size? 12
  • Favorite gun to shoot? Any and all! The bigger the caliber the better.
  • Do you “name” your favorite things: cars, guns, etc? Diesel truck is Brutus. Haven’t picked a perfect name for my motorcycle yet. Gun is “Back Up”.
  • Hobbies?  Other than working out, of course. Fishing, snowboarding, shooting, riding my motorcycle, eating and spending time with my family.
  • What’s your personal training motto/philosophy/words to live by?Well I have many but two of my favorite sayings are “Fuck it” and “Just sayin”.
  • What is your favorite article of clothing? What is your favorite article of clothing on women? I love wearing shorts with a t-shirt and my camo hats. Ladies, whatever makes you feel comfortable. I love a tight little black dress but sometimes its nice to relax at home in sweat pants.
  • What would be your idea of the perfect date? Oh man, so many ideas come to mind. For being a brute of a man, I have a romantic side and love being a gentleman so it depends on the weather and her favorite things. I’ll have to get back to this one but I know no matter what, I’d have to have some after dinner desserts and an appetizer 😉
  • What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Smile and attitude, ass and titts come next. I can’t find a woman attractive if I just want to walk away from their attitude.
  • How big is your…er…um….gun? That’ll eventually be released 😉 But it never misfires, is always cocked and ready to go.
  • And one last question we just HAVE to ask; have you finally read all the books? Work in progress, between work and outside responsibilities I am trying to get them all read. My family and friends are reading them now though.

Trainer 4

Thank you so much to Shay Savage for hooking us up with this interview and the amazing pictures. A very special thank you to The Savage Trainer for taking the time to answer our questions with sincere honesty and well thought out answers. I (Kassie) was lucky enough to spend an evening in Chicago with Shay and TST and had a blast learning the answers to some of these questions during some hysterical conversations, and it made me want to know more about the man behind the cover.  I (Lauren) am insanely jealous of my reviewing partner and her evening with Shay and TST but had a great time writing these questions and reading through the answers.  

Don’t forget to head on over and buy yourself a copy of Otherwise Alone, Otherwise Occupied and Otherwise Unharmed so that Evan Arden, in writing and on the beautiful cover, can always be within your reach. And don’t forget Uncockblockable. TST posed for that as well!

It doesn’t hurt that the books are just as good as the covers. You can also find the rest of Shay’s work here! Happy reading!

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3 thoughts on “Meet Otherwise Unharmed Cover Model The Savage Trainer

  1. Great interview!!!

  2. Thank you!!!! I I love Evan and this trilogy ruined me for another books…The cover is awesome sexy strong confident, Loooooove it

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