Gabriel’s Redemption by Sylvain Reynard: What’s in store for readers and Q&A with the Author and Main Character


Gabriel’s Redemption was released on December 3rd by The Berkley Publishing Group (Published by the Penguin Group) and is already climbed Amazon’s best-seller list! (We got our paperback copies via Amazon!) We’re happy to be part of the ongoing blog tour for Sylvain Reynard’s third book in The Gabriel Series. We hope this will just be one of many of your stops on the tour!

gabriel's redemptionThese were our thoughts after getting a sneak peek at Chapter One months ago: “We’ve followed the molto bella love story of Gabriel and Julia since its beginnings. We’ve survived the Professor’s Inferno and delighted in his Rapture. We can’t wait to return to the apple orchard and seek his Redemption.”– The Fics2Flicks Chicks, Beatrices at heart

Marriage. They say the first year is the toughest!

After reading an advanced copy of Gabriel’s Redemption, one would think the novel’s author, Sylvain Reynard, had used this phrase as his motto when writing about our favorite newlyweds, Professor Gabriel and Julianne Emerson, as they navigate their way through that first year of being married. Their love is immense, but they seemed to have tons of lows caused by tempers flaring and simple disagreements followed by the highs — the makeup sex, obviously!

In starting the third novel in The Gabriel Series, I was impressed by how kind SR is to his readers by gently working in details of the history of The Professor and his relationship with Julia, basically working in a recap of books 1 & 2 into the beginning without it boring his readers with a summary of past events. Such lays the groundwork for the third book, as it extends the journey of the young couple but also ties up all the loose ends in relation to so many characters we met along the way within the first two books.

  • Still want to know what it was that The Professor did that was deemed unacceptable in Professor Pain’s world?
  • Still curious about what was in the card The Professor left on Julia’s doorstep in Toronto that she tore up?
  • Ever stay up late trying to figure out exactly what was that favor that The Professor once did for Katherine Picton?
  • Ever wonder how deep Paul’s feelings were for Julia and what he thinks about her getting married to Gabriel?
  • Want to know if Richard regrets selling his house and moving away?
  • Did Gabriel ever make amends with Paulina?
  • Does Simon change his ways?
  • And what about Christa Peterson…is there any hope of Julia being able to put Christa in her place once and for all?

Yep, all of these answers you have to look forward to in this book (and many, many more). Finally! 

So it is commonly said that  the first year of marriage is tough. And because Professor Emerson himself admits to being ‘an ass’ we knew there would be some hurtles for them to overcome in learning to live together, but who knew it would be such a roller coaster ride? And, with the lives of so many characters being addressed in this novel as well, when the Emersons themselves weren’t adjusting to married life, it seemed like family members or acquaintances were throwing them curve balls! We certainly won’t divulge anything more than this, but do be sure to expect the unexpected while reading!

As the book concludes, there’s anguish and tears and beautiful moments that confirm why readers fell in love with this story and characters to begin with, and how necessary it was for Sylvain Reynard to complete his characters’ stories with this third book. The rest of this story was everything we imagined it would be, and we want to say both thank you and bravo to SR for crafting the plot perfectly and giving fans that extra we all begged to have! SR is consistent in the story details and stays true to the characters, while allowing for character growth when it was needed most. Gabriel maintains so many of the traits that make him so sexy. When Julia remarked how he makes her feel like she is in a Cary Grant movie, we nodded. And Julia? You’ll be supportive of her as she learns to hold her own whether it be professionally or with Gabriel.

Finally, and most importantly, you’ll be reading this to see if Gabriel truly does find redemption. We won’t spoil it, but we will say that what he does find is that redemption is not in the bottom of a glass of scotch, in that next snort of cocaine, or in the random women at Lobby. It’s not in the passages of a book, even one written by Dante or in being a hard-ass at your job. Redemption is something Gabriel must earn for himself in various ways as he makes peace with his past, and though much of it is his own hard work, it has always been Julianne’s presence in his life and their love for one another that has been a catalyst and driving force for the redemption he seeks throughout this book.

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One of the wonderful parts of The Gabriel Series has been the many beautiful locations the reader gets to ‘visit’ with the characters. We’d like to highlight a few of our favorites from Gabriel’s Redemption!

**Have you ever read about Selinsgrove, PA at the VERY beginning of another book? No? Well then, we’re glad Gabriel’s Redemption is your first!

downloadA small picturesque town that we imagine has the most wonderful apple orchard we’ve ever seen beyond the backyard of the Emerson’s family home! This town actually has a rich history in the early days of colonization when settlers were at odds with Native Americans. (Don’t tell The Professor we said this, but feel free to Wiki it!)

**The couple have a lovely stint at The Malmaison Hotel while visiting Oxford University in London.

We already know some of the stories of The Professor and Katherine Picton in regard to Oxford, and now we’re happy to say that Julia  — who is coming into her own as a distinguished Dante Scholar — will have her own stories, both professionally and personally, about the historic Oxford University.

**A favorite part of The Gabriel Series is definitely how it incorporates literature and the arts with the relationship of The Professor and Julia — intertwining their shared love of each other and their passion for Dante and learning. What better place for a ‘lesson’ than at the famed Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.

beautiful_sights_florence_598609[Photo SourceOh of first dates, birthday celebrations, and hot Professor-Husbands….please let there be museum sex!

**We already know Gabriel bought a home to share with Julia in Cambridge, Massachusetts close to Harvard University. It’s an area rich in history and culture and yet not far away, you can find specialty boutiques like this…

In Gabriel’s Redemption, The Professor — ever the consumer and considerate lover to his wife — takes Julia with him to make a special stop on Newbury Street in Boston to patronize their local Agent Provocateur Boutique for lingerie. Oh Professor! 

**More places you’ll ‘visit’ while reading include:  Minneapolis, Minnesota; Near Essex Junction, Vermont; NYC, New York; and Durham, North Carolina.

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We have two very short and sweet interviews today! We previously interviewed Professor Gabriel O. Emerson here so this time we chose to speak with his beloved wife, Julia. But first, we went straight to the source, speaking with the book’s author, Sylvain Reynard!

*Opens purple curtains to let light shine in, tidies up our hobbit hole of a blog and lights a vanilla candle*

Welcome to you, SR! Thank you for joining us here. We’re big fans and want to spread the joy we receive from reading your books!

gabriel's redemption

1. From the very beginning you’ve taken time to acknowledge your international readership. When you were selecting locations for the third book, did you keep that in mind? Were there distinct places along the way you wanted to share or introduce your readers to?

Hello Fics2Flicks. It’s a great pleasure to be with you and your readers. Florence is my favourite city. So it’s especially enjoyable to write about it.  But I also find Oxford fascinating, and was pleased to be able to set part of the story there.

2. Many times you stated that you wanted to explore the idea of ‘redemption’ through this story. Has writing this story afforded you any personal redemption?

Yes.  Part of what I want to do with my writing is to encourage readers to think about forgiveness and grace. In that sense, completing this series really was a redemptive journey for me.

 3. With the right timing and star alignment, we hope your books will one day be turned into a movie(s). Having said that and being so well read, would you share with us your top movie depictions of any two literary classics and any other favorite movie based on a popular book.

Thank you.  Michael Mann’s depiction of “The Last of the Mohicans,” is not true to the book, but it’s an excellent film. I also enjoy Gerard Depardieu’s performance in “Cyrano de Bergerac.” It’s a fantastic movie.

 I thought the recent adaptation of “The Lord of the Rings” series was excellent.  Although I have to admit to being somewhat skeptical about Peter Jackson turning “The Hobbit” into three full-length feature films.

 4. Give us three words that best describe your personal journey in writing these books — one word per book!

Apprehensive – Surprised – Grateful

I want to add a fourth word for my new book – Anticipation.  I’m writing a paranormal love story called “The Raven,” and it’s the first in a new series. The Professor will have a cameo role in it and readers can learn more about it here:  [A/N: We are ‘anticipating’ this too!]

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And next, please welcome Julia! What an honor it is to ‘speak’ with you! You may have seen us speak inappropriately about a professor on this blog…that was a different one. Um, yeah, one from Yale. We are going to put your answers in the color gold, as it is the color associated with the first year of marriage & the golden apple!

1.  In Chapter 17 of “Gabriel’s Inferno” you vocalize this realization; “This isn’t how I imagined it. Finding you again is so different from what I dreamed.” (pg 253)

After the night in the apple orchard, when you daydreamed of meeting up with Gabriel again, how did the scenario go? Was it one constant dream or did it perhaps change over those 6 years? If so, please describe at least one for us. Elaborately. 🙂

Hello Fics2Flicks.  I hoped he’d come back to visit his family and he’d show up on my front porch.  I hoped he’d tell me that he never forgot about me and that he loved me. And I hoped that he’d kiss me … But that was the dream of a girl and not a woman. And my life isn’t a fairy tale.

 I should mention that although it took a long time for us to find one another, the reality of him was well worth the wait.

 2. Kiss Gabriel and tell us! You’ve had quite a few reunion kisses with The Professor. Which one was closest to your first kiss with him? 

Our first kiss in his apartment – the night he got drunk.  It reminded me very much of our first kiss.  He has a way of being intense and sexy, while at the same time … what was I saying?

3. It would seem that meeting Gabriel when you were 17 was doubly auspicious because it played a major role in your decision to study Dante in college and choose a career teaching. A lot has been written analytically on Dante and his works, but is there subjective matter that has led to differences of opinion between you and Gabriel?  In ‘playful debates’ over the subject matter who has to win–you or Gabriel?

Um, SR wrote about one of our conflicts in his book. So I won’t go into it. Gabriel hates to lose, but he isn’t always right. And when I’m right, I try not to gloat (too much). [A/N: Whoa! We were predicting some playful disagreements, not anything that ended with someone sleeping on a couch.]

4. Give us three words that best describe your journey through the books — one per book! 

Fear – Hope – Love. 

The last word “love,” of course, being the perfect word to conclude the sentiment of the series! We love this book and the conclusion of the epic love story between Gabriel and Julia. Thank you once again to Sylvain Reynard for answering the pleas of his faithful readers and continuing to write about these characters. There was obviously more of their journey in love to tell, as well as the journey of the characters within their lives! And, we love all of the fun in-the-know associations we have with the books that in some way add to our days and  enrich our friendships with others who have read the series, like argyle socks, fountain pens, Dante and Beatrice, purple towels, Baci, Superman, and many more!

Let us know in the comments if you’ve already read the book or if you plan to! Meanwhile, we hope you enjoyed the interviews as much as we did! May your days this time of year be merry and bright, and filled with  love and redemption…Gabriel’s Redemption. 

Special thanks to SR’s publicist, Nina Bocci (@EnnBocci) for getting us involved in the blog tour!

To keep track of SR and his argyle socks, click on the links:

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