MINE by Katy Evans Blog Tour Stop and Review

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I literally just finished listening to the audiobook of MINE. *sniffs* As a self-professed audiobook addict, I held off on reading the ARC (thank you Simon & Schuster!) because I wanted to make the audiobook…wait for it…mine.

MINE is the sequel to REAL (review here). Like so many others (there are seriously 200+ bloggers signed up for this blog tour), I couldn’t wait to get back into Remy’s head space. Reviews are always hard for me to write because you walk a fine line between wanting to talk about your favorite parts and not wanting to ruin it for potential readers with spoilers. Let’s see if I can accomplish this by telling you how the alpha male in this series, underground UFC fighter Remington “Riptide” Tate, appeals to my five senses and uses them to make Brooke Dumas his.

Sight: Remy needs to see his woman, whether he’s black or blue…and it’s sexy as hell.
Smell: Remy scents his woman…and it’s sexy as hell.
Sound: Remy shares meaningful music with his woman…and it’s sexy as hell.
Taste: Remy licks his woman…and it’s sexy as hell.
Touch: Remy pets his woman…and it’s sexy as hell.

Brook mentally refers to Remy as her big lion, and it fits him. He’s primal and lion-hearted. He treats his opponents in the ring as prey and would hunt Brook to the ends of the earth if she were to ever leave him. He’s the leader of their pack and fiercely protective of what’s his. (A/N: Katy, if by any chance you’re reading this, I absolutely LOVE the name of the newest pack member. *melts*)

And, oh yeah, there’s this to love about Remy…and it’s sexy as hell.

Still waiting for the bell to ring before you buy this series by Katy Evans? Ding. Ding.

Synopsis & Ordering Information HERE

And we don’t have long to wait before we can step back into the ring with our alpha male. REMY will be out on  on 11/26/13! Watch for our blog tour stop and review on 11/30/13.

Synopsis & Ordering Information HERE

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Special thanks to The SUBCLUB Books for hosting this blog tour!

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