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When we started this blog, it was to support authors by communicating and/or promoting their stories, as well as share in discussing the stories and characters with other fans.

Running this site and our sister site is a hobby for us that we dedicate a lot of our time to in order to positively contribute to the larger book fandom. Having said this, we are always extremely disheartened to learn that the greater book fandom includes cases of bullying. We don’t see a need or a place for it. Books are art, and art is subjective. As adults, we should be able to respect another’s work of art or opinion on art, but also as adults, we should take heed to share our opinions responsibly and with tact.

There’s a certain philosophy that you can’t expect out of anyone else what you aren’t willing to do yourself. So, first, we commit to not actively or intentionally try to bully anyone else. Second, we won’t allow aggressive comments of a bullying nature on our site/twitter timeline.

We wish we had an answer for how to prevent bullying altogether, but we don’t. For whatever reasons, it exists. We do, however, have two suggestions for coping with bullying.

1.  Be Glinda, the good witch. 🙂 Lend your support and band together with your friends in peace, love, and support to dismiss bullies. Tell bullies:


2.  Feel free to share your own stories of how you’ve been bullied in the comments. Sometimes the idea of bullying is too much of an abstract that is “out there somewhere.” Taking time to share your own personal examples may help make bullying go from a concept we hear about to an experience that affects others enough to also take a stand with us.

That’s exactly why THE SUBCLUB girls reached out to us and so many others. They heard about an experience that affected them enough that they decided to take a stand. We’re proud to stand along side them…united in anti-bullying. We hope you’ll join us.

Let’s help make bullying remain a part of fiction, not life.

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2 thoughts on “United in Anti-Bullying

  1. Well, you know one of my bullying stories, but I won’t share it, because I’ll just cry again.

    I still can’t believe people are just flat out cruel to others with no reason other than to be mean. I think it’s why I defend anyone getting picked on, so you have my support.

  2. Amen to that, kiTT! My profile pic for FB is the quote “Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out.” I try to live by that. Frankly, there are too many out there that should be choking. I don’t understand the need to belittle others, to spread unkind words. Thank you for taking this stance! I’m going to post the Anti-Bully message and I hope more people get the message!

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