Reviews of Divinity and Clarity by Patricia Leever

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Today, Chick DJ reviews Divinity by Patricia Leever, as well as the novel’s short prequel, Clarity. This was another book that was won in the Omnific Publishing Supernatural Prize Pack! Instead of providing the synopsis, we thought we’d include the trailer, which sets the story up nicely!

Divinity starts right in the middle of the action. Usually, I’m not the sort of person who likes to jump right into a story like that without some background information first. What I didn’t realize at the time is that there’s a good reason for this. Brilliantly done!

Meet Evelyn Brighton…a kick-ass demon hunter with a foul mouth and an attitude to back it up. She’s determined to live her life her way and not let anyone else tell her what to feel or how to act.

Meet Daniel Summers. He’s the new guy on the block in the LA branch of the Labriga Corporation’s demon hunter group. He’s assigned to shadow Evie’s every move. She’s his boss, his trainer, and a royal pain.

As the story unfolds through alternating points-of-view, Evie and Daniel are drawn to each other, even more so while fighting demons. Their tattoos and spells used on the job add to their attraction in ways neither could comprehend.

This urban fantasy story took me by surprise. The humor and emotion, added by not only the main characters but the secondary ones as well, told a page-turning story. There wasn’t a moment where I thought I could put the book down and walk away. The intrigue of what was going to happen next always sat in my mind until the very end… And now I wish for a book 2, desperate to know what happens next with Evelyn and Daniel and the rest of the branch as they take on more demon clans.


Synopsis and ordering information here.


This is a free read! It’s a short story that tells us how Evelyn became the awesome demon hunter she is. In Divinity, her background was touched on, but this brings it into focus–from the first moments her family tries to fix her ‘demon seeing ability’ to meeting Tessa, her destined scout, all the way to Evelyn’s first assignment.

I do recommend reading this, especially if you’ve read Divinity. I would recommend you read Divinity first just so you may get the feel for the hunters and scouts before taking in this small backstory. (A/N: That answers our question!)


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