ALL OF YOU by Christina Lee Is Here! Review, Author Q&A, and Giveaway

We’re thrilled to be participating in the blog tour hosted by our friends over at The SubClub Books in support of Christina’s debut New Adult novel! This is our first blog tour, which is fitting since this is Christina’s first New Adult novel and her hero’s first time 🙂 A special thanks to Enn Bocci (@ennbocci) for giving us the heads up about this special story and to Penguin for granting our ARC request.

  • Book Title: All of You
  • Author: Christina Lee
  • Genre: New Adult/Romance
  • Publishing Company: Penguin
  • Expected Publication Date: September 17, 2013
  • Tour Hosted by: The SubClub Books
  • Blog Tour Participants: Complete list here.

All Of Me Cover

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Every once in a while a book comes along that gives you honest-to-goodness butterflies…butterflies so intense that they border on painful. ALL OF YOU is one of those books.

Bennett didn’t breathe a word as my fingers raked softly against his thigh. He sucked in a breath and brushed his hand up and down my back and against the nape of my neck. The fire between my legs only intensified. I resisted the urge to squirm and moan into his chest.

Once the end credits began rolling, Bennett straightened himself. But I was still against his shoulder in a feigned state of sleep. When he removed his fingers from my hair, I lamented the loss.

“Avery,” he whispered. “Ready for bed?”

“Mmmm . . .”

He shifted away for a moment before I felt my body being lifted by strong arms. He smelled liked coconuts and white sandy beaches. My eyes remained closed but I nuzzled into his neck, my lips resting against his smooth skin. He stifled a groan.

His lips brushed against the top of my head as he carried me to his bed, and a wave of euphoria pulsed through me. He laid me down facing the wall, the same position I’d slept in last night. I heard his labored breaths as he stepped out of his jeans and removed his shirt. Then he slid in beside me.

He hesitated for the longest time before finally scooting forward. His hand came around and braced my stomach, so warm and strong and protective that I couldn’t hold in my gasp.

“Is this okay?” he whispered. I could only nod, my limbs felt so weak.

His breathing intensified and I felt his bulge growing against my back. But Bennett said nothing more and made no other moves. I got the feeling he was trying to hold himself back, and there was no way I was going to throw myself at him.

It was the single most sensual moment of my life.

We lay there for some tense and aroused minutes before I finally heard his breaths soften into sleep.

Avery and Bennett spooning gif

The UST between these two is off the charts. As a self-proclaimed audiobook addict, it’s been awhile since I’ve actually “read” a book. Suffice it to say that I could not put this one down.

Avery is in control of her life and her emotions because she refuses to let any guy be in control of her sex life, especially one looking for a commitment. She has good reason. But then she meets Bennett. (Insert swoon here.)

Bennett is in control of his life and his emotions because he refuses to let just any girl take his virginity, especially one that isn’t looking for a commitment. He has good reason. But then he meets Avery.

I dare you to not fall in love with Bennett. He’s sweet, sexy, and soulful. I want to keep this review spoiler-free, so all I will say about the use of ink in this story is that it’s such an integral part of who Bennett is and of the sense of self that Avery finds. Tears may or may not have been shed by this chick because it’s such a beautiful and moving part of their journey and that of the reader’s.

If you like HEA with a side of UST, buy ALL OF YOU today! We could all use some Bennett in our lives.


1. kitt always wants to know… How did you celebrate when you got the news that ALL OF YOU would be published?

I pretty much yelled, fist-pumped, and danced around. Later, when reality set in and more offers came, I sat down and cried like a baby.

2. Lisa always wants to know… Is there any significance to the names you chose for the main characters?

I always keep a running list of cool names for male and female characters. Avery and Bennett just felt right when I said them out loud—separate and together.

3. How much input did you have in the cover?

The Penguin team asked for my input on character descriptions, as well as likes and dislikes. For example, I knew with absolute certainty that I didn’t want a shirtless guy on the cover of ALL OF YOU—I didn’t think that image would fit Bennett. When I finally saw the cover they had produced, I was blown away. It was sweet and hot, the color palette was amazing, and Bennett still had his shirt on.

4. Do you have favorite authors and/or books that have inspired you?

I’ve always been an avid reader, so my list would be very long and would range from children to YA to adult authors. So for this interview, I’ll just stick to the first three New Adult authors I fangirled: Tammara Webber, Colleen Hoover, and Cora Cormack.

5. We know you create personalized jewelry which is for sale through your online store Tags-n-Stones (here). What previous writing experience did you have? Did you always want to write, or was this a new venture for you?

I’ve been creating jewelry and writing novels since 2008. At the time, I was a columnist for a local newspaper and decided to give fiction a go. My first book could’ve been considered a YA/NA crossover. After that I wrote several YA novels until the beginning of this year, when an idea for a New Adult novel got stuck in my head.

6. How did the story come to you? Which character was in your head first?

I had just finished reading a few romance novels that featured virgin females and alpha males. I wondered what a story with a virgin male and a confident alpha female would look like. Then I pictured Bennett—a good guy who is honest, self-assured, and sweet—yet still incredibly sexy.

7. Your new companion book BEFORE YOU BREAK is due out February 2014 and will tell Avery’s friend Ella’s story. (A/N: Baseball is a huge part of my life, so I’m stoked this new book boyfriend will be a baseball player! -Lisa) Are there plans for a third book for their friend Rachel?

It was fun writing about baseball, Lisa! I’d played softball for many years of my childhood, so I was very familiar with the game. In college, the ball players were good friends and many of them tried out for the minor and major leagues. Anyway, I am hoping that Rachel gets her own book and that’s about all I can say on that subject for now. 😉

8. If you sold the movie rights to your book, who could you see in the roles of Avery and Bennett?

Maybe a blond, tough as nails Jennifer Lawrence and a ripped, sexy Adam Brody with a heart of gold. However, if model Marlon Teixeira was an actor, I’d want him! He is my Bennett inspiration. That hair and those abs—oh my!

Marlon Teixeira

Marlon Teixeira

A/N: Marlon is gorgeous! While I was reading, I found myself picturing model Brandyn Farrell as Bennett.

Brandyn Farrell

Brandyn Farrell

9. Are you working on any other projects you can share with us?

I am always writing and working on new projects, but the only thing I can share right now is that ALL OF YOU will be out in trade paperback print on July 1st, 2014. Also, BEFORE YOU BREAK will be released in ebook form on February 18th, 2014.

10. Do you have any any book signings/appearances coming up so fans can get out and meet you?

I’m attending the Houston Book Rave on November 2nd and several signings in 2014 that haven’t officially been confirmed yet. (A/N: Chicago is always good. *nods* -Lisa)

Christina Lee


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The SubClub Books girlz are also hosting an author giveaway. To check out the prizes and enter to win, just click on this link —>  a Rafflecopter giveaway

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THANK YOU SO MUCH for having me! XO –Christina

Thank YOU, Christina, for taking the time to answer our questions and for sharing your story with us. We wish you success with the publication and with continuing the journey with BEFORE YOU BREAK. Count us in for that blog tour too!

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Followup Q&A With HL5 Author Sarah Latchaw Plus Book Trailer

We revealed the cover of Hydraulic Level Five here and provided a thorough review here. We’re so glad to be back with an interview with the story’s author, Sarah Latchaw, and appreciative that she reached out to us to offer up more of her time!

We hope you’ll enjoy the interview as much as we did!

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 1.  Kitt always wants to know… How did you celebrate when you got the news that HL5 would be published?

This is a funny story. I actually found out I was expecting around the time we were finalizing a contract. Hubs, dear son and I were in New Orleans at the time, and I had horrible morning sickness. So I spent the entire week watching my guys eat at these fabulous restaurants in the French Quarter while I choked down bread and prenatal vitamins. I had a celebratory pack of crackers and a ginger ale! The craziest instance was emailing Omnific right after we signed and telling them, “oh by the way, I’ll be having a baby right around the time we want to release the book.” They were extremely understanding and happy for me, though, and adjusted the date accordingly. (A/N: Belated congrats!)

2. Lisa always wants to know… Is there any significance to the names you chose for the main characters?

Aspen Kaye Trilby: Aspens abound in Colorado, these delicate but hardy mountain trees. I wanted Kaye to have a hippie-ish first name as a reflection of Tom and Gail’s parenting style—something from which she tries to distance herself. Her first name is endearing to Samuel, but Kaye dislikes it. It’s also a reminder that Kaye is Samuel’s home—his “Colorado roots”.

I wanted to give Samuel Caulfield Cabral a name that reflects both of his heritages—the English and the Hispanic. Outside of the United States, Latin countries use two surnames: usually a paternal and a maternal. For Samuel, his parents’ “legacy” hangs over his head. His eventual use of both names when publishing his books represents his acceptance of who he is and where he comes from. He cannot reject what is in his genes, so he has learned to live with it.

 3. How much input did you have in the cover? 

Omnific has the final say on a cover, but they were very considerate of my thoughts and opinions, and involved me in the design process. I am no designer—you wouldn’t want me producing a cover! And what they gave us is lovely and crisp, and insightful. The water looks like glass or crystal, and is meant to represent a single moment or drop in time—that one instance in which everything changes.

 4. Do you have favorite authors and/or books that have inspired you?

I read all the time, and just about anything. Of course I enjoy romances as long as they have a good plot and decent writing. Stories that I can connect with emotionally—stories about redemption, forgiveness, love—if they really grab me, I’ll buy a hard copy for my bookshelf.

Jane Eyre is probably my most-loved book. Growing up, my favorite book was the moving Christy by Catherine Marshall and Anne of Green Gables—they still hold a special place in my heart (that, and the Babysitters’ Club!).  I enjoy allegory like Calvino’s Invisible Cities—interpreting its meaning is like piecing together a complicated puzzle. I love plot-heavy women’s lit, travel writing like Bruce Chatwin’s In Patagonia, creative nonfiction such as Daughters of Britannia and Devil in a White City. There’s Tolkien, Edgar Allan Poe (in small doses—anything larger is depressing), The Phantom of the Opera. Yep, just about anything!

 5. What previous writing experience did you have? Did you always want to write, or was this a new venture for you?

My first foray into creative writing was actually Phantom of the Opera fanfiction. I found out I was a decent creative writer but needed to learn technique, so I decided to study it in grad school. My thesis was a collection of travel writing vignettes and poems set in Israel and Palestine in 2000, the year before 9/11. In addition to fiction writing, I freelance and have written about a ton of different topics, from summer camp to WWII vets to Smithsonian travels.  It keeps me well-rounded.

 6. Regarding the story, have you had the chance to experience any of the extreme sports that you’ve written into the story? 

We don’t get a lot of extreme sports in Iowa, but I’ve had a chance to do some things here and there. One specific scene based in real life is the whitewater trip in the opening chapter. My sister (who lives in Colorado) and I rafted Glenwood Canyon with the guys in early May, just as the mountain snow was making its way into the Colorado River. It was crazy cold with wild rapids. Em and I actually ducked out at the Shoshone stretch and let the insane men tackle the rapids. We walked along the bank and watched with horror as their kayak was swamped. My sister’s now-husband didn’t surface for a long time; it was scary.  My brother-in-law and I did try to surf a hydraulic in a play park. It overturned our kayak, and the coldness of the water knocked the breath right out of my chest, even with wetsuits.

 7. According to your website, there will be a sequel called Skygods! Can you give us a hint as to what direction the story will take?

Sure! The second book delves deeper into mystery of Samuel’s life in the years after he left Kaye for New York. It also explores his unalterable realities, and whether he and Kaye can make a go of it.  Kaye tries to be strong, but she has some real hang-ups of her own.

8. If you sold the movie rights to your book, who could you see in the roles of Kaye and Samuel?

Oh fun!  I had a hard time finding a good fit for Kaye. She’s on the short side, has a lot of freckles and curly hair, which you don’t see a lot of in Hollywood. The closest resemblance would probably be Kristen Bell or a blonde Natalya Rudakova (except she’s 5’10”). Maybe your readers can help me find my Kaye.

Samuel is Gael Garcia Bernal, no doubt. I came across some clean-cut photos of him and I thought—holy cow, this is how I pictured Samuel as I was writing him!


He has these gorgeous angles, but sensitivity in his eyes and mouth. He’d be a tad old to play Samuel now, but meh. He could be both the enigmatic writer and the boy next door. (A/N: We agree!)

 9. Are you working on any new projects you can share with us?

Right now I’m in the thick of edits for Skygods. I have three brand new books plotted—part of a women’s lit/romance series I’d like to do with my beautiful home state of Iowa as a backdrop. I was listening to Dar Williams’ song “Iowa” and thought, I’ve really got to turn this into a novel. I’m also debating whether to continue Kaye and Samuel’s story in a third book—not being coy, I really haven’t decided yet. An answer will probably come to me when I’m finishing up Skygods. (A/N: We’re practically neighbors! But as a born-and-raised Illinois fan, we may not be able to be friends. lol -Lisa)

10. The cover reveal for Hydraulic Level Five is one of our most popular posts to date. It’s clear you have a loyal following, including us. Do you have any book signings/appearances coming up so fans can get out and meet you?

Nothing is set in stone, but we’re looking into a couple of appearances, possibly Colorado ;). Unlike poor Samuel, I’m sure I won’t have a riot on my hands! If I have any events to share, they’ll be on my Facebook page: Author Sarah Latchaw, and my website: I also frequent twitter @sarahlatchaw, so look for me there!

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Speaking of Colorado, the small town of Lyons, the hometown of Hydraulic Level Five, has been devastated by recent flooding. The author is working with Omnific to help raise money for relief efforts:

It is difficult to do nothing. That’s why, this weekend, Omnific Publishing has generously agreed to give 50 percent of all Hydraulic Level Five proceeds to help with the Front Range flood recovery effort. Saturday, Sept 14—Sunday, Sept 15, for every book purchased, HALF will go to the Foothills United Way Flood Relief fund.

Please pass the word. Please share with a friend, or two, or ten. Give to the Foothills United Way. Let’s let the towns afflicted by this devastation know we’re behind them!

Foothills United Way Flood Relief

Hydraulic Level Five on Amazon


Social Media Links for Sarah Latchaw

Website Twitter Facebook | Goodreads

Thanks again to Sarah. We wish her continued success with her first novel and look forward to the sequel! And thank YOU for joining us in supporting Sarah and the relief efforts in Colorado.

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In celebration of the release of the new novella in their Beautiful Bastard series, Beautiful Bombshell, we had a chance to interview the authors, Christina and Lo, who make up the writing team known as Christina Lauren. Our topic is very central to their popular book series and the upcoming movie adaptation of Beautiful Bastard.

This was such a fun interview, and we hope you’ll enjoy!

Q&A with Christina Lauren…Let’s talk about sex, baby! 

kitt Q: Risk is a huge part of the sexual encounters between Chloe and Bennett in Beautiful Bastard. Which encounter do you think was the most risque?

CL: They’re such idiots at the beginning, and that’s by design. These are people who would normally not do anything so crazy. It’s the dynamic between them that makes them do all of these really risky things.

In terms of potential to get caught, probably the stairwell scene when they were at work. Can you even imagine? Someone could have easily found them, and there is literally nowhere to hide. But in terms of risky emotionally (as in, intimate before they’re ready for it), definitely the car chapter. In that one, they’re not only in a confined space physically, but they have some bare emotional moments, too, and at that point it’s still pretty scary territory.

kitt Q: Sometimes the location of the sex is the most unique part of the encounter. The last ‘sex in a dressing room’ scene I saw in a movie was in The Sweetest Thing, and it was meant to be comical. The scene in the dressing room of La Perla is so specific to the story that I hope it makes it into the movie!

CL: We’ve definitely had the conversation with Constantin about what needs to stay in the movie adaptation. I think we’re all pretty much on the same page about what scenes are iconic to the story. They’re really in tune with these characters and their shenanigans. (A/N: We think that means we’re getting that hot dressing room scene!)

Lisa Q: There is just something to be said about firsts, which is why I have a soft spot (wet spot?) for floor-to-ceiling windows in a particular conference room. Needless to say, I’m hoping that it’s the first time we, and the fine folks of Chicago, get to watch Chloe and Bennett having sex on the big screen.

CL: Again, this has definitely been discussed. We can’t imagine an iteration of this book-to-movie that doesn’t have the conference room . . . (A/N: sweet spot)

kitt & Lisa Q: Which encounter do you think has the potential to be the hottest scene in the film adaptation of Beautiful Bastard?

From what we’ve heard, every scene is pretty stunning. We really can’t wait to share how Stephanie (Sanditz, the screenwriter) has lassoed this crazy book into a screenplay. But the conference room has a lot of potential, honestly. The story really starts out with a bang (ha!) and sets the tone for the entire book/movie.

kitt & Lisa Q: What unique places do we have to look forward to in Beautiful Bombshell?

Beautiful Bombshell takes place in Las Vegas during Bennett’s bachelor party weekend, so the boys visit some of our favorite locations. And just like Red Moon in Stranger, Black Heart—the club they visit in the opening chapter of Bombshell—is a creation of our very own.

kitt Q: Wow, this totally shows my age, but for me, Patrick Swayze had memorable onscreen sex scenes from the dancing in Dirty Dancing, to the pottery making in Ghost, to the stone fireplace in Road House.

CL: And it’s definitely true that BASTARD has a great chance to have some of those iconic locations as well. Truly, in some ways we think it will make an even better film than book. High fives on the Dirty Dancing shout out too. I swear I wore out my videotape of that one. (Yes, videotape. #old)

kitt Q: Do you guys find that you are a fan of one particular actor’s love scenes? If so, who?

CL: Honestly we haven’t seen a single actor in more than one role too often. We loved Kit Harington’s cave scene in Game of Thrones with “the Lord’s kiss” – dear god. Max Irons in The White Queen, no matter how short lived . . . the butt thrusting will forever be burned in our memories. The list could go on forever, honestly. Lo will take bare Khal Drogo ass scenes any day of the week. Christina seconds that x’s infinity. Also, the scene with Nicholas Hoult (Skins UK-season 2, episode 6. You know, just off the top of my head) kills me dead every. single. time. You all know what I’m talking about.

Lisa Q: I’m realizing I have a thing for going vertical in onscreen sex scenes: in front of a pair of glass doors in Risky Business, the stone fireplace in Road House, the foyer in The Notebook, the hallway in Remember Me… I’m sure I’ll be adding the aforementioned conference room in Beautiful Bastard to this list in the near future.

CL:  We hope!! We get a little breathless just thinking about it. (A/N: The thought makes our wings all aflutter, too!)

kitt & Lisa Q: What are your absolute favorite love/sex scenes from movies?

Christina: Does any scene get hotter than The Notebook? Also, I can remember watching the sex scene in Legends of the Fall between Brad Pitt and Julia Ormond where she’s gripping the iron rails of the headboard and thinking holeeee cow. (A/N: We agree The Notebook was it’s own brand of hot!)

Lo: It’s funny because even though I write really smutty books, and I like reading smutty books, the movies I love most tend to have more emotional traction than sexual. Like, I’ll watch the Emma Thompson/Hugh Grant scene at the end in Sense and Sensibility a million times and get choked up every time. But for pure hotness in film? Check out Black Snake Moan with Justin Timberlake and Christina Ricci. I don’t love the movie itself but damn that scene is good. I think television has more of my favorite sexy scenes though (Game of Thrones, Skins, etc).

kitt Q: Seeing sex on the big screen isn’t just a visual experience. Music can add to it, too! Unchained Melody being played in Ghost is one of my favorites. What are yours?

Lo: The entire Garden State soundtrack made that movie for me. That’s the one I always remember. I love every single song there. When I think about what I’d like for the BB soundtrack, that’s what I want.  A soundtrack that fits the movie so perfectly, but every song is good enough to stand on its own.

kitt Q: When you envision your favorite sex scene for Beautiful Bastard the movie, does it play out perfectly with music or without—a song or just background music?

Lo:  Oooh, good question. I think music can add to it, but I sort of hope there’s at least one scene where the sounds and their words are the only things the audience hears. It makes it intimate, almost bare, but I think that would be amazing. Christina doesn’t tend to listen to music when she writes, but I do, and while writing BASTARD I listened to a lot of The XX, Tricky, and Animal Collective. I’m not sure how any of those would translate for film, but I’m inclined to say it would be better for writing than the scenes in the actual movie. The music needs to balance sex with energy and fire. My playlist always needs to be something I can loop over and over that lets me get into a certain mindset.

kitt Q: If any current recording artist or band could write a sexy love song for Chloe and Bennett to be used in the movie, who would you like that to be? (My vote would be for Maroon 5!)

Lo: This is a nearly impossible question because if you’re asking for me to pick a band I want to write a song for our book/movie, it’s probably very different than the band that would write the most fitting song for the movie adaptation. Truly, I have no idea, but if I had to combine both desires, I would go back to my grad school loves and have Hooverphonic write something. If that happened, I could die happy. Mad About You is a good one to get the vibe. 😉

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Available today.

Click here to order!!

Synopsis:  When Bennett’s friends steal him away from Chloe for a weekend of shenanigans and strippers in Vegas, their first stop doesn’t exactly go as planned. Their scheme for a guys’ weekend completely derailed, Bennett and Max take every chance they get to rendezvous secretly with the women they love. But when the persistently single Will Sumner catches on, the pair realizes they need to team up with him instead of butting heads if they’re to escape for more sexy Vegas hookups.

Beautiful Bastard’s Chloe Mills and Bennett Ryan are back for one last blazing prewedding hurrah- -but if what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, they might not ever want to leave!

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A stellar Thank You to the beautiful team of Christina & Lo for agreeing to take part in our risque conversation and for allowing us to give away TWO copies of Beautiful Bombshell!

Here’s all you have to do to enter:

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Not on Twitter? Just leave us a message in the comments that you’d like to be entered in the giveaway!

We’ll choose the winner via from qualified entries on Saturday, September 7th. Good luck!


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Big News For Tiffany Reisz Fans: The 8th Circle Graphic Novel Series

Tiffany Reisz ‏@tiffanyreisz1h

In case you missed it, here’s my big announcement–meet The 8th Circle graphic novel. I’m now a comics writer. 

And now we’re comics readers!

“The 8th Circle graphic novel series takes place three years before The Siren. The graphic novels are written by Tiffany Reisz. Artist forthcoming.”

If you missed our interview with Tiffany, go here.

Social Media Links for Tiffany Reisz

Website Twitter Facebook Goodreads Harlequin MIRA

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Cover Reveal for Return to Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia

As fans of Poughkeepsie and of the author, we’re proud to be taking part in the cover reveal for the long-awaited sequel Return to Poughkeepsie.

Return2Poughkeepsie_coverAvailable 12/31/13


Beckett Taylor is a murderer. Destruction and intimidation are his calling, his craft—whether he wants it that way now or not.

He left Poughkeepsie to keep his brothers safe, to keep Eve safe. Set up with happy lives to live, they’re better off without him, right?

But all his willpower crumbles when he hears his brother Blake’s frantic voice on the phone. Mob forces have moved in on his old territory, and Livia’s been taken. In an instant, Beckett knows it will take an attack only he and Eve can execute to bring her back safely. All his self-imposed embargoes are torn to shreds, along with the new man he’s struggled to become.

“Brother, call Eve. I’ll be there soon.”

In this emotional and action-packed sequel to Poughkeepsie, Debra Anastasia conjures a tale of love at its most raw and ragged. With Beckett and Eve, how could we expect anything less? But even when it’s messy, not magical, true love perseveres. Real love finds a way—for better or worse until death does part.

For those of us who lost their hearts to Blake and Cole and their souls to Beckett (read our review here), December seems too fucking far away to get our hands on the actual book! Too strong? Nah. We know Eve would understand. After getting a sneak peek of a chapter from Return to Poughkeepsie, any doubts we may have had that Debra wouldn’t be able to recapture the magic that is Beckett were blown away. It’s ah-mazing.

Return to Poughkeepsie B E

Tonight at 7 pm EST, Debra is holding a Twitter party to celebrate the first teaser trailer for Return to Poughkeepsie, which she worked on with our friend Carol Oates. So be watching Debra’s Twitter and/or Facebook accounts for the announcement that the trailer has gone live. Hashtag #ReturntoPough in your tweets to join in the fun and ask Debra any questions that you may have. She’s a riot, so don’t be shy!

UPDATE: Fun, successful twitter party for the release of a truly awesome book trailer that will give you chills! #ReturntoPough

Social Media Links for Debra Anastasia

And if you missed our interview with the author, check it out here. (Please note the giveaway contest is over.)

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