More by T.M. Franklin: Does It Live Up To Its Title?

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First we’d like to graciously say thank you to Ms. Franklin for reaching out to us and supplying a copy of her novel More, the first book in her More Trilogy.


**Minor Spoilers Ahead

Why would a book be titled More? It seems like such an unusual name to give a book, let alone a YA paranormal novel, but having had previous exposure to the author’s writing, I knew I needed to find out exactly what was being referred to in the title.

As the story begins, we meet Ava Michaels, a college student who is convinced she had a paranormal experience as a child that involved willing something small to happen. The phenomenon only occurred once, and Ava grew up normally otherwise. She stashed the event into the back of her mind but always wondered if there was something more to that experience.

Now in college, Ava finds herself struggling with two things–recurring dreams of a man with one blue eye and one green eye attacking her and getting a passing grade in her physics class. At the suggestion of her professor, Ava agrees to attend tutoring sessions from graduate student Caleb Foster.

Described as “kind of cute in a bookish, nerdy way,” Caleb is friendly and encouraging to Ava. Oddly enough, she had never met him before, and yet now he seems to keep popping up on campus.

Is there more to Caleb than what meets the eye?

When Ava’s dreams of an attack become a reality, Caleb steps in to help her. Through him, we learn there is another Race of beings with strength and powers. Some have learned to co-exist with humans while most choose to live in cloaked villages, keeping their world a secret. It becomes apparent that somehow Ava is unknowingly entangled in both worlds.

Is there more potential Caleb is trying to unlock and coax along than just Ava’s comprehension of physics?

As others from the Race close in on Ava, she taps into a power she always suspected she had to defend herself and decides to trust Caleb when he admits he is of the Race and suggests he can take her somewhere where she will be safe and with others who will help her get answers.

As Caleb and Ava grow closer, the reader begins to question his true intentions. Do the people he is leading her to have Ava’s best interest in mind, and if not, has his bond with Ava grown so strong that he’d be willing to betray his own people for her if need be? The story reaches the point where Ava and the reader question who the good guys are versus who the bad guys are. And just when you think you’ve figured it out, well, there ends up being more.



I’ve always been a big fan of YA television paranormal shows like Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where the female protagonist comes into a new self-awareness when her latent power kicks in, which is one of the reasons I took to Ava. I found myself rooting for her, and I couldn’t wait for her to realize her potential. The beginning of Ava’s story started out in many ways consistent with other stories I’ve read or watched and because of that, I didn’t really think I could be “surprised” as I read, but I definitely was surprised–a few times! There were really smart plot twists and turns that, for me, made so much sense, but were delivered in such a way that I hadn’t seen them coming! Once that first twist hit, I was anxious for more surprises.

If you’re a fan of paranormal YA books, then this would be an excellent choice to check out! Even better, I would recommend this as a great story to read along with your tween/teen. I could easily see the story playing out well visually and becoming a movie either on the big screen or on a cable series, but until then, I just found out the sequel, The Guardians, will be available on November 7th. Good thing, because this book definitely lives up to its title in so many ways, including the ending, which left me wanting…wait for it… more.


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