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Debra and her boobs graciously agreed to answer a few questions for the blog. If you missed our review of Poughkeepsie and the Return to Poughkeepsie teaser, go here.
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  • What path lead you to writing Twilight fanfiction? Basically, I’ve always had plots in my head and loved thinking them through to music. But writing is incredibly revealing. With fanfiction I was allowed to be anonymous and it gave me courage to try. After writing it and loving the experience, I knew I wanted to put my name on my work.
  • Have you written for any other fandoms? I’ve only written one piece for The Hunger Games, the rest has been Twilight. Something about those books felt safe for me. (A/N: We understand. Edward is very protective…)
  • What/Who prompted you to publish? How did you end up with Omnific? My readers told me over and over that it was something they wanted. They are so damn smart and sexy, I had to listen. I’m glad I did because I have an actual pile of books I can hold in my hands and say, “I did this.” Omnific and I fit together so well. Their motto is “Romance Without Rules” and if I do anything consistently it’s break rules in writing. They also knew of me from my fanfiction days so we had that connection to work off of.
  • Do you have any advice for aspiring writers thinking about/trying to get published? Now is the time! It is such a perfect climate to have your voice be heard. With eBooks and research at the tips of our fingers in the form of Google, it is like every writer has similar opportunities. I love this space and time for writers. I do hope everyone who has a dream of it gives it a try.
  • Most Twific stories are set in the Pacific Northwest. Why did you choose Poughkeepsie for the setting? Well, for me, Poughkeepsie was always such a different story. I was really writing my own original thing so I set it in a town I knew. I’d used the railroad stations numerous times and was able to picture my characters there. I thought the idea of the actual station was romantic.
  • Transitioning from fanfic gave you the fun task of renaming the characters. Any special significance to the names you chose for Blake, Cole, Beckett, Livia, Kyle, and Eve? I am a name bandit. I feel guilty about it. If you have an amazing name for your kid I will type it into my phone like a hoarder. Blake I just liked, Beckett is actually the name of my dear friend’s son. I still apologize for turning her sweet little guy into a mobster. Livia and Kyle were stolen in incidences like I mentioned before. And Eve honors Eve from WALL•E.
  • Was writing a follow up to Poughkeepsie something you always hoped/intended to do, or was it the result of readers like me wanting more of your boys? I thought they were done! Then, when publishing Poughkeepsie, I eliminated a sure-fire ending for Beckett. I’m a fool for that character. He taught me to write from such a scary place. I wanted the option to explore him some more. Maybe his upbringing and how he loves. Writing Return To Poughkeepsie is making me cry, dance and cheer so I’m glad I did it. (A/N: You’re not the only fool for that character!)
  • Are there plans to make this into a trilogy/series, or will Return to Poughkeepsie complete the journey? I love the idea of having this be part of a series but I also like my readers to have an ending. So any continuation would require some new characters to mix with the originals.
  • As someone who is obsessed with audiobooks, I’m surprised how many bestsellers aren’t available in that format. (I loved listening to Poughkeepsie via my Audible subscription btw!) What was the process of getting the book made into an audiobook? How much input did you have? I’m on great terms with my publisher, Omnific, and they are wonderful about letting me have input on everything that happens. There was a committee of Omnific employees that would listen to each audition. We heard that first chapter read so many times! Marti just stood out for us. I loved her dialog as the sisters. She was able to deliver sarcasm really well too. (A/N: Kudos to Omnific!)
  • Will Return to Poughkeepsie be an audiobook? *fingers crossed* If so, will it have the same narrator? I have no idea! I think it might be too soon. I’d love to have Marti again. (Marti did a great job, and it’s nice having the same narrator when possible. It feels like “coming home” when you start listening again.)
  • Is Return to Poughkeepsie still on track to be released later this year? Will you be doing a book signing tour in support of it? *whispers* Please come to Chicago. Return to Poughkeepsie is being written right now! Actually, it is in a Word doc minimized on my computer. My project date is December 2013, but if I can swing it earlier I will. The sequel is totally flowing, which is such a fun way to write. I cannot wait to bring it into the world. (A/N: At least she didn’t say “No, I’m not coming to Chicago.” #thereishope)
  • We would love to see all of our book boyfriends grace the screen…big or small. Have you gotten any interest yet for the rights to Poughkeepsie? No official interest yet. The popcorn bucket we got from the premiere would be epic though. I would love to see it play out on screen with matching music. Fingers and toes and boobs crossed. (A/N: With good luck charms like that, we think it will be a shoo-in. Or would that be a bra-in?)
  • What’s next for you on the literary front? In the next few months I will get to announce a huge Poughkeepsie surprise for the readers that I’m so freaking excited about I could just puke. Next up for publishing (besides RTP) is a comedy that has a piece of my heart and fart. And then I have a superhero story called The Revenger to finish. (A/N: We love surprises!)

Thank you so very much for having me! -Debra

Thank YOU for taking the time to answer our questions and, of course, for sharing your writing with us. Can’t wait to jump into bed with Beckett Return to Poughkeepsie later this year! We’re also looking forward to your future projects and hope to be able to put a whole new set of questions to you one day soon.


Debra has generously donated one eBook for each of these titles.


To enter, just share this blog post on Facebook or Twitter and let us know in the comments where you shared it. We will use to choose two separate winners (1 winner of both Seraphims, 1 winner of Poughkeepsie) within 48 hours of the contest ending on May 31, 2013 at 12:00 a.m. Winners will be announced on the blog, and we will coordinate getting the eBook to you via email.

Good luck!


DA ebook giveaway

Congratulations to Isabel Lopez and Texas Book Lover!! Please contact us via email ( so we can make arrangements. Since Isabel was randomly selected as #1, she will get to choose between the Seraphim eBooks and the Poughkeepsie eBook. Thanks to everyone who participated and a special thanks to Debra Anastasia for donating the prizes. Happy reading!

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Review of Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia and Return to Poughkeepsie Teaser

If you’re not following Debra Anastasia on twitter, then you’re missing out on just how “real” this author is. She’s sweet, fun(ny), and quirky. Simply put? She’s adorkable…and we kind of have a thing for that personality trait in a person. Just sayin’ 😉

For this post, we are focusing on Debra’s book Poughkeepsie and its upcoming sequel Return to Poughkeepsie. Please visit her website to check out her other books and free reads!

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Poughkeepsie got its start as Twilight fanfiction. As with any hot topic, there are divided camps on this subject. However, we will forever be grateful for stumbling into the genre and discovering some very talented authors. We’re proud that so many are now getting well-deserved mainstream attention. It has truly had a domino affect on the industry, as readers like us have renewed our passion for reading and are discovering books/authors we might not have found otherwise.


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When I started reading Poughkeepsie, I expected to love the main characters, Blake and Livia, and I did/do. What I didn’t expect was to also fall in love with Cole and lose my heart to Beckett. What Debra has done with her writing is breathe life into her sub characters. Blake, Cole, and Beckett are like a circle with no beginning and no end. You can’t have one without the other. And you don’t want to. Blake is complicated and psychologically fragile, yet he manages to find his inner strength and maintain his beautiful innocence. Cole is conflicted and forever trying to repay God for his/their sins, yet he is the first to forgive with his beautiful soul. Beckett is fiercely flawed and fiercely protective of those he loves (“He does all the wrong things for all the right reasons.”), yet he hasn’t learned to let love into his beautiful heart.

Poughkeepsie is a love story woven around the journey of three brothers as they struggle to rise above the craptastic cards life dealt them when they were young. There are beautiful moments, and there are brutal moments. And if you count those moments, like Blake counts Livia’s smiles *melts*, they will add up to you desperately wanting to Return to Poughkeepsie.

Poughkeepsie counting smiles

Return to Poughkeepsie Teaser —

The SUV Beckett stole idled while he made his decision. This part should be easy: he was sufficiently soused. The gun was so powerful they might find bits of his brain a mile down the road. If anyone cared enough to look. Which they wouldn’t.

It was a nice last view, if you got to pick one. The winding road was a snake in a beautiful clump of fall trees.

It was fall again. One full year since he had loved Eve enough to leave.

And yet.

And yet.

And yet she was all he could think about. When he was feeling gracious, he pictured her snuggled in a warm sweater under some lucky fuck’s arm.

And when he was feeling jealous, which was most of the goddamn time, he pictured her naked under some nameless three-pump chump. Being a girlfriend or a wife.

God, please not a wife.

The pistol lay between his legs, the liquor sat in the seat next to him like a true friend.

Do it, you pussy-headed motherfucker.

But the sky was too blue. And his hand kept shaking.

He took another swig from the bottle, mentally listing all the reasons his life was over. First, no Eve. Second, his brothers were far safer without him. Third, he was the only thing he needed to protect his loved ones from anymore.

So was he man enough to take care of the problem? Because he had no doubts he was the problem.

He wanted her; he craved her. All of the loose-assed whores he’d fucked since her smelled like eggs, moaned like tramps, and never, ever dared him to be anything but an asshole.

His brothers were tucked into perfect worlds with perfect girls. Christ, he couldn’t set them up sweeter if he tried. But he hadn’t tried. He’d only made shit worse and crazy dangerous.

Beckett was afraid of the gun. It was more final than time. It wouldn’t erase the pain, and he was afraid that after his body was wasted, the only thing left would be fear. And he fucking despised fear.

The gun had been his tool. His ladder. His friend. His medal of valor. Now it mocked him from between his legs. It was heavy. It pointed away from him.

After clenching and unclenching his hand, he finally touched it. He lifted it and let the safety go. Beckett put the pistol back in his lap, with the muzzle pointed at him this time.

That’s better. To be serious, you have to get serious.

Would death be something he would feel? He was going to Hell—Christ, he’d always been going to Hell. His first memory as a child was hearing the word “Hell.” It had bound him to the place like a rope.

He took another drink.

Here, in the bowels of suburban America, he would be no one. Just a down-on-his-luck bastard. He had no identifying papers with him. He looked at his singed fingertips. No prints to be found. Beckett had yanked out his two fillings with a pair of pliers and thrown them in the trash by the CVS. He was his own best murderer. He could do it better than anyone else.

He could be deep in the fucking woods. No one but a pissing bear would find his body. But he was here, facing the fact that he absolutely hated the thought of being alone. If his soul stayed stuck to his body like Velcro, he wanted to at least be in a grave with some other fuckers.

Maybe I want my brothers to know I’m gone.To say, “Thank you, oh great big brother Beckett. You saved us from your fucking self.” Or maybe I want Whitebread to come with her red, flushed cheeks and sobbing to lay flowers on my grave. That would be okay.

Beckett picked up the gun and set it to his temple.

Do it! Do it! You’re nothing without them. Be gone. Go away.

Beckett’s hand shook, and he could feel the muzzle imprinting a circle right where the bullet would pierce his skin.

He started to sweat, working hard not to piss his fucking pants. He squeezed his eyes shut. He willed his finger to have the guts. Sweat rolled down his face.

Fuck me!”

Beckett tossed the gun aside.

The shaking overwhelmed him. Teeth chattering, he did go ahead and piss.


He’d be sending a message to Eve by letting his body be found: See? See what leaving you did? I gave the fuck up.

Beckett looked at the pistol on the floor.

I’m a selfish bastard. That’s why I’m doing this. I don’t want to nut up and do life without her.

Beckett didn’t bother to wipe his face as his shaking turned to sobbing. His breathing made a racket. When he saw himself in the rearview mirror, his whole face was puffy. He leaned his head against the headrest, feeling his warm urine start to cool.

A small tapping noise on his driver’s side window caused him to open one blurry eye. The speedy fluttering was so bizarre. The little bird tapping on his window had mistaken a flower decal for the real thing. It just hovered there like a helicopter, tapping on the window as if it were trying to get his attention.

Another hummingbird came along and tried for the same pretend flower, pecking at the first in anger.

Eve’s right. These things are little assholes.

The two birds decided to get in a birdy pissing match, diving and trying to outmaneuver each other. They tumbled away from the window, out of Beckett’s sight.

Fucking hummingbirds. They couldn’t leave each other’s ass alone? It’s like they wanted a little fight over their flower. Little knights without a queen to defend.

Then it was so obvious, it was almost funny. It was like he had a pair of glasses on his heart: Eve was a hummingbird. So was he. They’d rather fight each-fucking-other than drink from a boring old flower.

Beckett put the stolen SUV in reverse and weaved his way down the winding road. He found himself amazed, considering how drunk he was, when he made it back to his hotel. He left the vehicle sort of where he half-remembered taking it from, somehow stumbled back to his room, and passed out on the bed.

When Beckett woke, his head was cracking open with whatever he had drunk the night before. He knew where he was going.

Today, he was going to win the Big Fucking Humping Pussy Award and go back to Poughkeepsie.

He had no plan beyond that. Maybe stalk the fuck out of Eve.

When I asked Debra if I could have a Beckett teaser for this post (and said I wasn’t above begging), I was thrilled when she quickly agreed. The teaser was everything I had hoped for and more. It ripped my heart out, stomped on it, dusted it off, and then put it back in my chest…beating in rhythm to “I. Can’t. Wait. For. This. Book. Team. Beckett. For. The. Mother. Fucking. Win.”

My Beckett



We want to give a special shout out to The Girls over at THESUBCLUBbooks for all that they do to promote their love of books and the authors who write them. They are hosting a Spring Giving Event and Debra Anastasia, along with 36 other charitable authors, is participating. You can read more about how you can enter to win author giveaways by donating to their chosen charity here. The extended deadline is May 30th. Good luck!

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Review of Surviving Raine by Shay Savage

As fans of this story’s previous incarnation as Twilight Fanfiction, we were thrilled when we were given the chance to read an ARC of Surviving Raine. Because of our familiarity with the story, we both had to pause when we heard the new character names. Daniel, who we soon find out is really Sebastian (Bastian), and Raine were not the names we’d expected, although we’re not quite sure what we did expect. In the end, however, we fell hard for Bastian and Raine; and now we can’t imagine them with any other names, even the auspicious originals.

contributing chick Lauren weathered the storm in comfort

contributing chick Lauren weathered the storm in comfort

If we were stuck on a life raft, we would want it to be with Bastian. He’s a curmudgeon, to put it nicely, but he knows his stuff. When Raine wakes up on a raft with nothing but the swimsuit on her back and the shorts covering her behind, she is left to trust the strange, enigmatic captain of the ship.

Surviving Raine

In every good male lead, we look for someone strong, dependable, smart, witty, and clever. These are all words that describe Sebastian Stark, as do the words alcoholic, irrational, pig-headed, and stubborn.

Bastian is complicated and flawed; but when it counts, he’s the best person he can possibly be. He might not always be a good listener or conversationalist, but it’s their struggle to build an unusual friendship that pulls the reader in…watching their characters develop and transform into the pieces that complete their complex puzzle.

The first half of the book leaves you wanting answers to lots of questions, including what is truly going on with Bastian and his bad attitude. Raine puts up with a lot from him but stands up for herself when she feels it’s right. Sebastian has severe trust issues that he needs to work through in order to gain Raine’s trust. Bastian has his work cut out for him.

Through many twists and turns, we learn that Bastian and Raine have a common link in their past. They bond while fighting to stay alive and build a strong relationship from that bond…even if Bastian doesn’t always believe it.

Hopefully, none of us will ever need to use the survival techniques depicted in this story, but they are educational. One example is the rule of three’s – you can live three minutes without air, three hours without shelter, three days without water, and three weeks without food. While this may not be an exact science, it does give the reader an idea of the things that are important for survival, especially if you don’t have Bastian around to tell you when and how to drink the spinal fluid from a fish (yuck!).

Shay Savage’s inventive mind creates descriptions so clear that you feel like you’re actually in the 10-foot emergency life craft with Raine and Bastian, being yelled at to stop with all the questions of course. Her amazingly accurate and in-depth knowledge of geography, ocean currents, and native wildlife shows she’s done her homework. It’s either that or Ms. Savage spent weeks on the open sea with a crabby, swearing sailor 😉

Shay Savage knows how to write a great story. She also knows how to put her readers through the gamut of emotions. There are moments in Surviving Raine that will make you laugh, make you cry, and make your heart (and other parts) clench.  This is one you will definitely want to put on your TBR list!

Surviving Rain Available May 21, 2013

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One Honest Moment with…Braden Carmichael

In Samantha Young’s On Dublin Street, we meet Braden Carmichael. He’s successful, smug, infuriating, and sexy. It’s a dangerous mix for Jocelyn Butler but a tempting mix for readers because he is ‘that guy’ — the one who likes to play games, tease, touch, and make innuendos. He likes to press the boundaries of what he can get away with saying and doing. It’s not hard to wrap your head around his intentions, but we don’t know if there’s anything beyond those intentions.

And because of this, as readers watching some kind of relationship unfold between Braden and Jocelyn, we again await an honest moment, where he’ll put some of his bravado aside and convey something truly touching.

One of my favorite honest moments with Braden comes when he and Jocelyn are first discussing having a ‘relationship.’ He has to convince her why he’s so drawn to her.

From On Dublin Street, Chapter 12:

“But I think mostly it’s your eyes. I want something from them no one else gets.”

“And what’s that?” I asked, my voice low, almost hoarse. His words had affected me as deeply as any aphrodisiac.


This is the point when I felt like, forget wrapping my head around what Braden Carmichael is all about, I can finally wrap my heart around his character.

Congratulations to Samantha Young on today’s release of Down London Road, the followup to On Dublin Street, that introduces us to two new characters — Johanna Walker and Cameron McCabe. Can’t wait to check this out! Definitely looking forward to an honest moment with Cameron!

To learn more about this New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, visit her official website here.

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