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We all escape in different ways. Stories are our escape.

Welcome to our new site! We wanted a place to share what stories are owning us, what characters are moving us, and what authors are inspiring us at any given moment.

Another reason we wanted to start this site was because we live in exciting times where social media gives us a chance to interact with some of our favorite new and up-and-coming contemporary authors. What an amazing opportunity we have to help promote and support those authors!

We will be covering a wide range of stories told in various formats, everything from outlines, to internet posted stories, to books, to movies, i.e., everything from fics to flicks!

A few years ago, we expanded our reading material by delving into fanfiction. It was new to us, and we explored various genres. We’ve become so invested in some of the stories and the authors’ personal success stories, that we also wanted to make this space a place to follow the path and process of some of our favorite stories as they are weaved into the mainstream and transition from being online stories that were posted chapter by chapter, to published books to adapted movie scripts to the big screen, i.e., a story’s entire journey from Fic –> to –> Flick!

We hope you’ll join us! Check through some of our tabs to see what books we are reading, and feel free to leave recommendations in the comments!

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